Growing a World Wonder



Growing a World Wonder

Capturing the wonder

The Great Green Wall is an incredible, generation-defining project. Yet the wider world seems to know very little about it.

This film was created to change that, sharing its story in a way that feels spectacular but also tangible on a human level. The Great Green Wall won’t be completed for a generation, and for many, it’s thousands of miles away, but with 'Growing a World Wonder', you can visit it right now, wherever you are. 


"The Great Green Wall is a hugely progressive and ambitious project, not just for Africa, for the whole world. It’s more than just an environmental initiative; it’s a symbol of hope that humanity can reverse the effects of climate change. ‘Growing a World Wonder’ lets people experience this for themselves, in incredible Virtual Reality."

David Milsom, Creative Strategist at venturethree


Take to the skies

Perhaps the most spectacular feature of the Great Green Wall is its scale, something which is difficult to comprehend from numbers alone. To highlight the enormity of The Wall and its potential impact on a vast landscape, our team set out to capture aerial footage, all achieved with a specially adapted drone. 


Explore in 360

The best way to gain an authentic impression of life along The Wall, from anywhere in the world, is through a fully immersive 360° virtual reality experience. The technology puts you at ground level, exploring this unique environment, with sights and sounds wherever you look.

Meet the locals

We travelled to Koyli Alpha village in Senegal, home of the Fulani people, to hear their stories and share them with the world. We met with tribal elders, children, and a range of people who live and work along the wall, discovering how it is already influencing their daily lives.

Travel to Senegal

Senegal is one of the original partner nations for the Great Green Wall, and one of the leading lights of the initiative, with huge progress already being made there. The story of the Great Green Wall in Senegal offers a clear demonstration of the challenges faced by people across the region, and shows how The Wall can help tackle them.


Life along the wall


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