I came up with the idea of Great Green Wall in 2007 when I saw how unhealthy people were in the western world. When I look at the lack of nutrition in places like Africa then it became clear that we had no excuses.

We have all the available resources to achive the healthy standard that we deserve, there is no question.

So I am dedicating this website to sharing, teaching and advising my readers on how to achieve the health that they deserve.

The organization dedicated to educating people about bettering their health dates back to the 1970s, when health outcomes in Africa & the west began to decline. In only a few years, this once healthy region, that for generations had supported strong communities, began to suffer due to the combined effects of population growth and unhealthy practices. Without sufficient access to healthcare and education, a spiraling cycle of poor health quickly emerged. Over the years, this has fueled epidemics and widespread illness, as well as mass unemployment and forced migration. In the face of increasingly dire circumstances, community leaders and healthcare advocates alike began to search for a long-term solution. In the 1980s, the extraordinary idea of transforming the region's health outcomes through education and outreach, known as the "Great Green Wall" of health, started to gain momentum.