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Andrew Huberman is an associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford’s School of Medicine. He is a partner in the dietary supplement company, Momentous. Andrew is however more widely known as the host of the Huberman Lab podcast. In just two years, Andrew’s podcast is not just consistently ranked the number one podcast in Science, Education, Health and Fitness categories. It is also in the top 5 and top 20 overall most popular Spotify and Apple podcasts respectively.

While his core area of expertise is brain development, brain function and neural plasticity, his podcast tackles a broader range of health topics by inviting different subject matter experts.

As one would expect given his considerable reach and influence, any supplement or health hack Andrew recommends, attracts significant attention. We take a look at the supplements he recommends and why he does so.

Andrew Huberman


• Daily Supplements

1. Green Tea Extract

  • Purpose: Normalize cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Recommended Brands: NOW Green Tea Extract (Get it on Amazon here and iHerb here)

2. Vitamin D3

  • Purpose: Bone density and strength
  • Dosage: 5,000 IUs (125 mcg) per day
  • Recommended Brand: Momentous Vitamin D (Get it on Amazon here)

3. Vitamin K2

  • Purpose: Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Dosage: 1 mcg for each kilogram of body weight
  • Recommended Brand: NOW (Get it on Amazon here and iHerb here)

4. Ashwagandha

  • Purpose: Improves quality of life
  • Recommended Brands:

5. Multivitamin

6. Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

  • Purpose: Accelerating rehydration
  • Recommended Brands: Gorilla Mind’s Gorilla Mode EAAs (Get it on Amazon here)

• Sleep Quality

1. ‘Sleep Cocktail’

  • Purpose: Better sleep quality 
  • Dosage: 145 mg of magnesium l-threonate, 100-400 mg of l-theanine and 50 mg of apigenin
  • Recommended Brands: Momentous Sleep Pack (Get it on Amazon here)

2. Gamma-AminoButyric Acid (GABA)

  • Purpose: Deeper sleep
  • Dosage: 100 mg of GABA 3-4 nights each week
  • Recommended Brands:

3. Glycine

  • Purpose: Better sleep
  • Dosage: 2,000 mg of glycine 3-4 nights a week
  • Recommended Brands: 

4. Inositol

  • Purpose: Improves sleep quality and sleep duration
  • Dosage: 900 mg of inositol every three nights
  • Recommended Brands:

5. Electrolyte Powder

  • Purpose: Lower risk of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Dosage: Not specified
  • Recommended Brand: LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix (Buy on Amazon here)

• Mental Sharpness and Focus

1. Alpha-GPC

  • Purpose: Overall cognitive function
  • Dosage: 300 mg of alpha-GPC four days each week
  • Recommended Brand: NOW Alpha GPC (Buy it on Amazon here and iHerb here)

2. L-tyrosine

  • Purpose: Improves attention and focus
  • Dosage: 500 mg of l-tyrosine
  • Recommended Brands:

2. Phenylethylamine (PEA)

  • Purpose: Improves mood and promotes energy
  • Dosage: 500 mg each fortnight
  • Recommended Brand: Gorilla Mind PEA

• Cognitive Function

1. Glutamine

  • Purpose: Positive impact on cognition and mood
  • Dosage: 45,000 mg per day
  • Recommended Brands:

2. Creatine

  • Purpose: Overall brain function
  • Dosage: 5,000 mg per day
  • Recommended Brands:

• Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory

1. Vitamin E

  • Purpose: Antioxidant
  • Dosage: Not specified
  • Recommended Brand: Nature Made Vitamin E (Get it on Amazon here)

2. Athletic Greens AG1

  • Purpose: Enriches the gut biome
  • Dosage: Not specified
  • Recommended Brand: Athletic Greens AG1 (Get it from their official website here)

• Cardiovascular Health

1. Omega-3 and Fish Oil

  • Purpose: Antidepressant and as a cholesterol regulator
  • Dosage: 2,000 mg of EPA each day

Andrew takes:

2. Garlic Extract

  • Purpose: Cardiovascular health
  • Dosage: 600 mg
  • Recommended Brand: Nature’s Bounty Garlic Extract (Get it on Amazon here and iHerb here)

• Metabolism, Energy and Gut Health

1. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)

  • Purpose: Metabolism and energy
  • Dosage: Not specified
  • Recommended Brand: Momentous NMN (find on Amazon here) or Renue NMN 

2. Rhodiola Rosea

  • Purpose: Increase energy and treats anxiety
  • Dosage: 200-500 mg per day
  • Recommended Brands:

3. Protein Powder

  • Purpose: Energy and healthy weight loss
  • Dosage: Not specified
  • Recommended Brand: Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder (buy on Amazon here and iHerb here)

4. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

  • Purpose: Lower body fat, increase lean muscle and boost physical performance
  • Dosage: Not specified
  • Recommended Brand: Nature’s Bounty CLA (Get it here on Amazon)

• Testosterone

1. Boron

  • Purpose: Testosterone regulation and bone strength
  • Dosage: 2-4 mg of boron capsules every day
  • Recommended Brand: NOW Boron (Get it on Amazon here and iHerb here)

2. Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali

  • Purpose: Increases total and free testosterone
  • Dosage: 400 mg of Tongkat ali each morning and 600 mg of Fadogia agrestis in 8-12-week cycles
  • Recommended Brands:

1. Zinc

  • Purpose: Testosterone production
  • Dosage: 15 mg of zinc

Overall Health

Green Tea Extract

In some circles, green tea is considered a superfood so it's perhaps unsurprising that green tea extract makes it to Andrew’s supplement regimen. While he mentions taking green tea on Derek Cole’s More Plates More Dates podcast, he does not elaborate why. 

There are at least a dozen possible reasons why one would supplement with green tea but chances are he is looking at its ability to normalize cholesterol and blood pressure. And since green tea contains caffeine, it can increase energy levels as well.

Green Tea NOW

Andrew recommends NOW Green Tea Extract which you can buy on Amazon here and iHerb here

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) enhances the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, both central to bone density and strength. It has also been shown to contribute to role testosterone production

While talking to Rhonda Patrick, Andrew says he takes 5,000 IUs (125 mcg) of vitamin D3 daily. Different studies have found that the upper limit of safe vitamin D3 supplementation is anywhere between 250 mcg and 1,250 mcg per day. 

Momentous Vitamin D

His brand of choice is Momentous Vitamin D which you can find on Amazon here.

Vitamin K2

During a More Plates More Dates podcast, Andrew stated that vitamin K2 supplementation had significantly improved his cardiac health including regulating his cholesterol levels. His views are consistent with studies that associate increased vitamin K2 intake with a reduced risk of heart disease

Andrew does not specify what amount of vitamin K2 he takes but experts recommend 1 mcg for each kilogram of body weight (so, a person weighing 70 kg would take 70 mcg).

NOW Vitamin K2

As far as brands go, he recommends NOW Vitamin K2 which is available on Amazon here and iHerb here.


Andrew does not take ashwagandha each day. As he says on his podcast, he only does when he is feeling a steady increase in his short- and medium-term stress. Andrew does not state what quantity he takes but studies suggest amounts below 300 mg daily provides a good balance of effectiveness and safety.

One of the most studied ayurvedic herbs, ashwagandha has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and improve quality of life

Andrew’s preferred ashwagandha brands are:

Organic India Ashwagandha


On the More Plates More Dates podcast, Andrew concedes that he has been taking a multivitamin daily solely out of habit for about 25 years. He does however proceed to explain that the multivitamin is rich in B complex vitamins which allows his body to metabolize food faster. This is in line with studies that indicate B vitamins support metabolism.

Andrew recommends Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men which you can purchase on Amazon here and iHerb here.

Optimum nutrition Opti-Men

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

EAAs are amino acids the human body cannot produce on its own and thus have to be supplied through meals. There are nine EAAs including histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. EAAs contribute to growth, nitrogen balance and numerous other physiological processes.

Gorilla Mode EAAs

Speaking to Derek Cole during a More Plates More Dates podcast, Andrew stated he takes an EAAs supplement after workouts. He did not explain why. However, it's possible the EAAs help replenish sodium and other minerals lost through sweat thus restoring electrolyte balance and accelerating rehydration.

He recommends Gorilla Mind’s Gorilla Mode EAAs which you can buy on Amazon here.

Sleep Quality

‘Sleep Cocktail’

On the Modern Wisdom Podcast, Andrew alluded to taking a ‘sleep cocktail’ 30-60 minutes before his bedtime. The cocktail combines 145 mg of magnesium l-threonate, 100-400 mg of l-theanine and 50 mg of apigenin. Each of these has sleep-improving qualities.

Magnesium l-threonate is taken as a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a crucial mineral involved in hundreds of enzymatic reactions. Research shows magnesium’s calming influence can better sleep quality and ensure you sleep faster. 

L-theanine is an amino acid that’s naturally occuring in tea. It has a relaxing effect which can lead to faster and better sleep. Apigenin is a compound found in chamomile tea that gives the tea its reputation for enhancing sleep quality.

As far as dosage recommendations go, magnesium’s is 310-420 mg per day and 200 mg for l-theanine. There is no consensus on the right apigenin dose but many supplement brands come in 50 mg pills.

Andrew recommends Momentous Sleep Pack which you can buy from Amazon here.

Sleep Pack Momentous

Gamma-AminoButyric Acid (GABA) and Glycine

On a Tim Ferriss podcast episode, Andrew says he uses 100 mg of GABA 3-4 nights each week for faster and deeper sleep. GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. When taken in supplement form, the objective is usually to trigger a calming effect. Hence, GABA’s use in treating anxiety.

Andrew recommends:

Thorne PharmaGABA 100

During the same show, he talks about taking 2,000 mg of glycine 3-4 nights a week. Studies have shown glycine can induce sleep. Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that’s abundant in animal-derived foods.

The brands he recommends are:

Glycine Life Extension


Inositol is a sugar that influences insulin sensitivity as well as hormones responsible for mood and cognition. Research suggests it can improve sleep quality and sleep duration.

In an episode of his Huberman Labs podcast, Andrew discloses he takes 900 mg of inositol every three nights with the intention of improving the quality, depth and persistence of his sleep. His dosage is well within the parameters of safe use. Studies have shown amounts as high as 18,000 mg per day can be taken with no adverse effect.

Andrew recommends: 

Jarrow Formulas Inositol

Electrolyte Powder

In a Huberman Lab podcast, Andrew said he takes an electrolyte powder drink to balance his body’s electrolyte composition. He notes that the magnesium, sodium and potassium nutrients in the drink are useful for cognitive capability, curbing stress and reducing anxiety. 

We have already covered the benefits of sleep/cognitive benefits of magnesium in the ‘sleep cocktail’ section. While results on sodium and potassium are mixed, there are indications that increased sodium and potassium intake is linked to lower risk of stress, anxiety and depression.

He recommends LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix which you can buy on Amazon here.

LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix

Mental Sharpness and Focus


Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha-GPC) is a compound naturally occurring in the brain. It quickly delivers the important chemical choline to the brain and therefore plays a key role in cognitive health.

Speaking on the Tim Ferriss Show as well as his podcast, Andrew takes 300 mg of alpha-GPC four days each week as well 10-20 minutes before engaging in an activity that requires deep concentration.

It’s a claim that is backed by current research. Studies show alpha-GPC can increase the amount of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is known to improve learning, memory and overall cognitive function. There are no specific official recommendations on alpha-GPC supplementation doses but most brands recommend taking 600-1200 mg per day.


Andrew does not single out a particular brand but NOW Alpha GPC is one of the more reputable ones (you can find it on Amazon here and iHerb here).


L-tyrosine is an amino acid naturally produced by the body but also found in many everyday foods. Studies show it has a positive effect on cognitive performance. It contributes to the production of vital neurotransmitters like epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine in addition to facilitating production of melanin and the thyroid hormone thyroxine.

On The Kevin Rose Show, Andrew indicated he takes 500 mg of l-tyrosine to improve attention and focus. Studies using l-tyrosine doses as high as 2,500 mg per day were found to have no side effects so 500 mg does seem fairly safe. 

He recommends:

Tyrosine Momentous

Phenylethylamine (PEA)

PEA is a chemical found in plants and that has stimulant effects. It also occurs in small quantities in the brain where it stimulates the release of the ‘happy hormones’ serotonin and dopamine. Research shows it improves mood and promotes energy.

Andrew takes 500 mg of Gorilla Mind PEA each week or each fortnight according to his podcast. It helps improve his focus, motivation, memory, learning and mood. Experts are not agreed on what is the appropriate dose for the average adult.

Cognitive Function


Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body. Studies have found it could have a positive impact on cognition and mood

Andrew has been taking glutamine supplements since his college days though it's unclear what in what quantities. According to an episode of his podcast, he does so for its cognitive and immunity-boosting benefits. As a compound present in the body in large quantities, it’s not unexpected that studies have found no adverse effects even with doses as high as 45,000 mg per day.

He recommends:

Double Wood L-Glutamine


Creatine is a compound that naturally occurs in muscle cells. This is perhaps why it’s widely used as a muscle building supplement. For Andrew however, his primary reason for taking it is its benefits to focus and overall brain function. Research does show that apart from its role in growing muscle mass, creatine could improve thought processing, memory, reasoning and intelligence.

On the Huberman Labs podcast, he mentions taking 5,000 mg of creatine monohydrate in the mornings or after a workout. Studies show creatine supplement amounts as high as 30,000 mg per day had no adverse effect for the average adult.

Andrew’s favorite brands are:

Life Extension Creatine

Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that naturally occurs in nuts, seeds, some vegetables and fortified products. It supports many processes in the body. Speaking to Derek Cole, Andrew mentions he takes vitamin E supplements. He does not explain why or in what quantity. It is likely that he takes it for its notable antioxidant properties as well as its ability to reduce inflammation.

Andrew’s preferred brand is Nature Made Vitamin E that is available on Amazon here.

Nature Made Vitamin E

AG1 (Athletic Greens)

AG1 (formerly known as Athletic Greens) is a comprehensive dietary supplement designed to enrich the gut biome and meet overall nutrient needs. This product, which Andrew Huberman alludes to in an episode of the Huberman Lab podcast, aims to support a wide array of bodily functions through its nutrient-rich formulation. 

It’s worth noting that Athletic Greens is not just a key sponsor of his shows but Andrew is also a science advisor to the company. So his claim should naturally be taken with that context. To his credit though, AG1 contains probiotics – probiotics have been shown to support digestion, control inflammation and improve immunity.

This adds a layer of scientific backing to the benefits attributed to AG1, showcasing its potential to support holistic health.

 I personally take this product daily and I swear by it. 

You can purchase Athletic Greens AG1 from their official website here.

Cardiovascular Health

Omega-3 and Fish Oil

Andrew strongly believes in omega-3 fatty acids’ ability to drive positive health outcomes. Speaking on the More Plates More Dates podcast, he is especially keen on omega-3 fatty acids like EPA derived from fish oil. Andrew aims to get 2,000 mg of EPA each day for its role in mood regulation, as an antidepressant and as a cholesterol regulator. 

He takes:

Carlson Labs Fish Oil
Andrew also recommends:
Viva Naturals Omega 3

Garlic Extract

Garlic may be a popular spice but it has for centuries been thought to have healing properties. On a Huberman Lab podcast, Andrew says he takes garlic extract to counterbalance the cardiovascular risk that one study concluded was associated with taking alpha-GPC supplementation long term. He takes 600 mg of garlic with his meals. 

Numerous studies have found that garlic has a positive effect on key markers of cardiovascular health such as blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index. As a widely used ingredient in meals, there is a considerably low risk of adverse effects with high doses.

Andrew does not recommend any brand in particular but Nature’s Bounty Garlic Extract does stand out (available on Amazon here and iHerb here).

Nature's Bounty Garlic Extract

Metabolism, Energy and Gut Health

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)

NMN is a type of nucleotide molecule that plays multiple roles in the body. One of its most important roles is arguably as a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), a molecule that the body needs for metabolism and energy. How much NAD the body can make depends on how much NMN it has.

During a conversation on Twitter (now X), Andrew says he started taking Momentous NMN in mid-2022. He does so for increased energy levels and a reduced appetite. Still, he is quick to mention he is still not completely certain these gains can be fully attributed to NMN. Andrew recommends Momentous NMN or Renue NMN (find on Amazon here)

Momentous NMN

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a herbal plant native to the colder parts of Europe and Asia. It was traditionally used to increase endurance and performance as well as treat weakness and fatigue. This is not much different from its use in supplements today. That’s because research has shown it may be useful in increasing stamina, strength and energy but also treat anxiety, stress and depression.

In a session of the Huberman Lab podcast, Andrew mentioned taking rhodiola rosea as a pre-workout. He takes it at the same time as alpha-GPC on the basis that it provides greater endurance and strength for workouts.

Rhodiola Rosea Momentous

Andrew does not divulge what amount he uses but research shows 200-500 mg per day is more likely to have a positive impact while carrying a low risk of side effects.

He recommends:

Protein Powder

Protein powder does not sound like a major part of Andrew’s supplement routine. Speaking on More Plates More Dates, he mentions that Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder is sometimes part of his afternoon regimen. 

He does not explain why he does so. But as someone that practices intermittent fasting, there’s the possibility Andrew uses whey protein to stay full between meals and make sure the body has the fuel it needs to function at its best.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

Andrew takes Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder that’s available on Amazon here and iHerb here.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid with beef and dairy being the primary sources of it in the average person’s diet. In fact, linoleic acid is the most common omega-6 fatty acid. 

During an interview with Derek Cole, Andrew says he takes CLA but makes no mention of the quantity or reason. As a supplement, CLA is mostly used to lower body fat, increase lean muscle and boost physical performance.

Nature’s Bounty CLA

He recommends Nature’s Bounty CLA which you can purchase on Amazon here.



Boron is a trace mineral. The body needs it in tiny quantities but over the long term, a deficiency can have an adverse impact on your health. Deficiency is rare however since boron is present in many everyday foods.

Andrew told the More Plates More Dates podcast that he takes 2-4 mg of boron capsules every day. That falls within the World Health Organization’s recommendation on safe use that talks about anything between 1-13 mg being acceptable for the average adult.

NOW Boron

Andrew does not go into his reasons for taking boron. Testosterone regulation and bone strength are two of the more likely explanations. In multiple studies, boron has been shown to increase free testosterone as well as improve bone health.

He recommends NOW Boron which you can purchase on Amazon here and iHerb here.

Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali

Fadogia agrestis is a plant that occurs in Nigeria. Its stem has been used in the traditional treatment of a range of health conditions such as inflammation and low libido. Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a medium-sized herbal shrub native to Southeast Asia where it has been applied to diverse uses in traditional medicine.

A combination of these two supplements increased Andrew’s total testosterone by about 30 percent, he said during an interview on The Tim Ferriss Show. On his podcast, he explained that Tongkat ali increased his levels of free testosterone as well as luteinizing hormone. 

He takes 400 mg of Tongkat ali each morning and 600 mg of Fadogia agrestis in 8-12-week cycles. Studies show both Tongkat ali and Fadogia agrestis have a positive effect on testosterone production. Research shows the safety ceiling for Tongkat ali is much higher (tens of thousands of mg) than Andrew’s dose. Due to a scarcity of research, there is no broad consensus on what is Fadogia agrestis’ upper limit of usage.

For Tongkat ali, he prefers:

Solaray Tongkat Ali

With respect to Fadogia agrestis, he recommends:

  • Momentous Fadogia agrestis (available on Amazon here)
  • Double Wood Fadogia agrestis (available on Amazon here)  
  • Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs Fadogia agrestis (available on Amazon here)
Barlowe's herbal Elixirs Fadogia Agrestis


When it comes to male sexual health, few minerals are as influential as zinc. Studies have found zinc deficiency is associated with falling testosterone levels. Zinc regulates the production of luteinizing hormone, the hormone that stimulates testes into producing testosterone

Andrew mentions in one podcast that he takes zinc but does not say how much and why. His favorite multivitamin Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men does however contain 15 mg of zinc. This might just be it given that the expert-ecommended daily zinc intake is 8-11 mg for adults while the upper limit of safe use is 40 mg.

Wrapping Up

The scale of Andrew Huberman’s influence in the health and wellness space has few peers. It is only natural that supplements he recommends would be worth taking a serious look at. Still, it is unlikely that most people will have the time, budget or stomach to take all the supplements he recommends. What’s important is to evaluate your health goals then choose the supplements on the list that hold the greatest promise to get you where you want to be.

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