Can Fenugreek Actually Boost Testosterone?

After writing some reviews about the best T-Boosters, I got a letter back from a reader about a couple products on my list. The reader wanted to know about TestoPrime and Testodren using Fenugreek. “Does that stuff really work?” he wanted to know.

The short answer is, yes, Fenugreek really works. But I forget sometimes that not all of my readers have combed through all the scientific data that I have. So I pulled an all-nighter and gathered all of the best science I could to show how Fenugreek actually works to boost Testosterone.

What You Need to Know

  • Fenugreek can help block aromatase, a Testerone killer.
  • It can also help you absorb Creatine, fueling workouts.
  • Better workouts can help fight andropause, “male menopause.”
  • A systematic review of all studies revealed that Fenugreek is effective, across the board, at increasing testosterone.

Most Intensive Study

In scientific circles, you always want to see a population of around 30 people per test. Statistically speaking, this is about the minimum you want to make sure there are no “accidents.” Basically, with 30+ people, you can be reasonably certain that the effects you’re seeing are because of the test variable.

In a groundbreaking study, researchers got sixty, healthy men to test whether Fenugreek has any effect on health and fitness. They not only tested strength, but also blood testosterone levels, and even body fat.

They found that after 8 weeks, free testosterone doubled for the Fenugreek population. Total testosterone increased by over 12%, and body fat percentages dropped almost two points off of baseline. All without any side effectss.

What’s more, researchers were able to isolate a probable cause–the reduction of aromatase. I’ve mentioned this process in other articles, but aromatase the process by which our bodies convert testosterone into estrogen. Fenugreek, these scientists found, could stop that process.

The Scientific Consensus

Very few communities reach consensus about anything. Just ask bar full of baseball fans who the greatest team of all time is. In the scientific community there’s far more at stake. Reputations, funding, jobs, awards–it’s all on the line. That’s one reason modern research analysis with computer models is so helpful.

Published just a couple years ago, a computer model analyzed all published data on Fenugreek and testosterone, and found that Fenugreek has a significant impact on testosterone. Egos, reputations, and biases put aside, the numbers don’t lie: Fenugreek works.

Another Benefit

Doctors for years now have been telling men that one key way to fight the effects of aging is to keep active–exercise increases testosterone, and can fight off low-T. But many millions of men have wondered, “how do I keep active without Testosterone giving me energy?”

If it seems like a catch-22, that’s because it is. Thankfully, we now have new research showing that Fenugreek is perhaps the most effective vehicle for Creatine. It’s even better than sugars or other carbs. That means you can get the energy-boosting benefits of Creatine, giving you fuel and better testosterone flow, without risking the spike in blood sugar, or the storing of carbs as fat.

Final Call

Fenugreek is the real deal. In fact, there are few traditional, herbal remedies with the scientific data to back them up quite like Fenugreek. It not only stood the test of time, but also the rigors of research and clinical trials. All that to say, supplements like TestoPrime really are cooking with hot oil.

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  • Good day. I will go on a 8 week fenugreek trial with 3 day per week half hour workouts. Cardio and weights to improve Testo levels. I’m 52 and obese so hope this will help. The articles was truly genius. I’m excited to realise that I can get my life back. But obviously that comes with hard work. Thanks so very much.

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