Can Shilajit Really Improve YOUR Testosterone? | WARNINGS and Alternatives

Imagine you’re a bush. Any bush. You live in the sun, you eat sunlight, you drink water, you pull up minerals from the ground. Then you die. Now imagine that over the course of millennia your remains are ground by glaciers, together with the remains of other plants, animals, and fragments of rock. In your imagination, you’re now Shilajit.

But what does that really mean? Knowing what a thing is made of doesn’t tell us what vitamins, minerals, or other chemicals are in it. And it certainly doesn’t tell us if it’s actually any good for our Testosterone. Let’s get into the research to find all that out.

What You Need to Know:

  • Shilajit can change from one sample to the next, depending on where it came from; this makes scientific analysis next to impossible.
  • Because of variance in composition, most reputable T-Boosters don’t include it in their formulas.
  • Some limited and possibly biased research indicates it may help with T-levels.
  • There are safer, more reliable alternatives, however.

Problems with Shilajit

Found only in specific areas of the Himalayas, Shilajit has been a part of traditional medicine in the regions surrounding its source for hundreds of years. One difficulty with pinning down what it contains, though, is that Shilajit from Area A can be vastly different than Shilajit from just a few miles away, based on what plant and mineral matter it has been exposed to.

That’s why the most trusted T-Boosters like TestoPrime and Testogen don’t use it. They want a product that’s safe, effective, and dependable. If their Shilajit source ran out, they couldn’t guarantee getting the same efficacy out of another type.

Problems with the Studies

I have in the course of the last few years found a few–a very few–studies of Shilajit and Testosterone. There are some issues with the studies, however. For instance, two of the studies were conducted by the same team on the same branded Shilajit mixture. Their first study improved sperm production, the other improved T-levels.

But what if the Shilajit your favorite T-Booster uses isn’t the exact same Shilajit? You wouldn’t know it, and you’d have no guarantee it would work as well.

Another issue I run into is that even the most detailed studies don’t offer any benefit of Shilajit you can’t get elsewhere. For instance, one study cites the minerals in Shilajit as a T-Booster. But products like Testo-Max and others already have the Boron, Magnesium, and Zinc that we know are the real T-Boosting Minerals.

In short, no study I’ve seen to date shows that Shilajit is consistent from source to source, or that it provides a T benefit that other natural ingredients can’t give you.

A Note on Safety and Purity

If what you’ve read already doesn’t raise enough red flags, consider that because there is no standardized Shilajit, it cannot be tested or regulated. For instance, Lutein from marigolds can be third party verified and tested for safety. Shilajit cannot be. This has led some countries to issue warnings about Shilajit, even when it’s still legal.


There’s wisdom to be gained from the crowd. Especially when the crowd are competitors. Put another way, if there was any benefit to Shilajit, and it could be consistently sourced, verified, and applied, it would have surely shown up in one of the Top-5 T-Boosters. But it hasn’t. Because it’s so difficult to get the same Shilajit batch to batch, and because more consistent and effective results can be gained from component ingredients, we can’t conclude that it has any T-Boosting qualities.

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