Does Capsimax Help with Weight Loss?

The intention to lose weight is where it all begins. But intent is just an idea. Actual weight loss occurs based on actions you take to make it happen. It’s a challenging journey and you need all the help you can get. This is where fat burners and other weight loss supplements come in. They amplify the hard work you put in so you can get to your weight loss goals quicker. 

Amidst the aggressive marketing campaigns by supplement makers, it’s not always easy to know what actually works and what is all hype. And I figure that’s why you are here. You have heard about Capsimax and want to know if it’s as powerful a weight loss aid as it’s made out to be. I’m going to give you the science-backed low down.

Quick Summary

  • Capsimax is made from capsicum annuum whose primary active agent, capsaicin, has been shown to support weight loss.
  • Capsimax and its sister product Capsimax Plus are regularly used as an ingredient in other weight loss supplements.
  • Capsimax may cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and abdominal discomfort in capsaicin-sensitive persons.

What is Capsimax

Capsimax is a proprietary product from the US-based wellness company OmniActive Health Technologies. Its main ingredient is capsicum annuum i.e. red chili pepper (or better yet, its primary active agent, capsaicin). OmniActive claims Capsimax can speed up calorie burning by as much as 12 times before, during and after a workout. And it apparently does that without causing a stomach upset.

Capsimax has built such a reputation that dozens of leading weight loss supplements include it as an ingredient. It’s akin to your competitor being so impressed with your product that they want to include it in their own product.

Studies on Capsimax

One major challenge with studies around a branded/proprietary product is the hidden (or open) hand of the manufacturer in incentivizing the research. Of course when that happens, one could argue the outcome is predetermined in the product’s favor. 

In the case of Capsimax, though there are a lot of studies directly or indirectly funded by OmniActive, the product is widely used as a supplement ingredient. It is in fact routinely picked as the preferred form of capsaicinoids in studies that have no connection to OmniActive Health Technologies. So there are studies of Capsimax that have no link to OmniActive.

Reduction in Body Fat

The first one I’ll cover is an OmniActive-funded study that took place in 2018 that involved 75 healthy adult volunteers. For 12 weeks, each subject received either a placebo, 100 mg Capsimax (equivalent to 2 mg of capsaicinoids) or 200 mg of Capsimax (4 mg of capsaicinoids). At the beginning and end of the period, volunteers were assessed for changes to fat mass and percent of body fat. Researchers found that persons on 2 mg had 5.91 percent less body fat and those on 4 mg had 6.68 percent lower fat than those placed on a placebo.

Energy Expenditure

In 2021, researchers (funded by OmniActive) sought to find out the effect of Capsimax on resting energy expenditure (REE). Increases in energy expenditure is key to the reduction in body weight. For the study, 24 volunteers (17 male and 7 female) were placed on a placebo or on 100 mg of Capsimax. The results was that Capsimax consumption significantly increased REE in male subjects. However, there were no notable differences in REE among female participants.

Multi-Study Review

In 2022, an extensive literature review of multiple studies looked to establish if capsaicin played a role in weight control. It made several findings. Among the most significant of these was that Capsimax can increase satiety in the short term. Further, in animal studies, capsaicin lowered cholesterol and blood glucose levels. While the review was quick to state that Capsimax is not a magical weight loss formula, it did conclude that the pill could play an important role in weight regulation. The review was not funded by OmniActive.

Side Effects

A 2016 study conducted by OmniActive employees established that 100 to 500 mg of Capsimax use did not come with any adverse reactions. I would not consider this study impartial. In large amounts or in sensitive persons, capsaicin is known to cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and abdominal discomfort. Capsimax supplement comes in a slow release capsule aimed at lowering the likelihood of this occurring.


Yes, the science mostly shows Capsimax does help with weight loss. Before you start to use it though (or any supplement that contains it) confirm with your doctor that you are good to go. Adopt healthy habits. Exercise, eat well and sleep well. Capsimax is not a magical weight loss pill. Nothing will happen if your lifestyle is not aligned toward weight loss.

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