Capsiplex Burn Review 2024 | Benefits, Ingredients & Side Effects

Diets aren’t great. In fact, at Great Green Wall we’ve been setting out to educate people on not only what works best, but what to stay away from; and dieting alone can be the death knell to losing weight. So when a supplement maker like Capsiplex comes along with a supplement promising to help shed fat, I had to take a closer look to find out if their claims hold up. 

Burn by Capsiplex

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

  • Unique combination of two proprietary ingredients; both are effective individually, but combine for greater results.
  • Targets three main areas of burning fat: energy, metabolism, and cravings.
  • Supports healthy fat-burning to compliment your existing routine.

How Capsiplex Burn Works

Capsiplex works by helping stimulate the metabolism to regulate glucose and burn fat; give you better energy for your workouts; and by helping you curb cravings throughout the day.

✔ Glucose Levels and Fat Loss

Sugar might be the biggest reason most people gain weight–and can’t get back off. That’s why I was intrigued and optimistic about seeing right on their product label that Capsiplex targets fat loss by maintaining healthy glucose levels. They do this with a proprietary ingredient called Innoslim. Working through two powerful biological processes, Innoslim combines Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus to signal the very cells in your body to absorb sugar to use as energy.

Specifically, Innoslim helps increase Adiponectin, which in turn signals the release of an enzyme called the AMP-K (adenosine monophosphate kinase).The science behind these mechanisms is fascinating, but complicated. The basics are these: when we take in sugar, it goes immediately to our blood-stream; if we don’t use it, it gets stored as fat. With Innoslim, our cells become more sensitive to insulin, which triggers our cells to take that sugar out of our blood stream, and burn it up right away.

In addition to that, research has shown that this Adiponectin/AMP-K process can even trigger the body to literally burn more fat during workouts. This research is on the cutting edge of fat-burning and cell-signaling science.

✔ Increased Energy

As we just discussed, Adiponectin literally energizes our cells to burn more calories. In addition to that, Capsiplex Burn has included Vitamins B3, B6, and B12, known energy boosters, to give you not only more drive during workouts, but throughout the day.

Capping it all off, like the name implies, Capsiplex has a unique blend of capsaicinoids called Capsimax. Research has shown time and again how capsaicinoids (the compound that makes things spicy) can increase energy. Now, new research has demonstrated that proprietary Capsimax can actually melt the fat in our tissues, and transfer to our blood stream.

Once those fatty acids are liberated from our midsections, it turns into raw energy for our workouts, our long days in the office, or whatever activities we’re engaged in. With Capsiplex Burn, fat turns back into a calorie to burn.

If all that weren’t enough, Capsiplex also has Iodine and L-Tyrosine, two proven nutrients that can stimulate our thyroids to increase our metabolism, burning more sugar, more fat, and preserving protein for what it’s meant for–building muscle.

✔ Curb Cravings

One important factor I’ve come across in why diets fail is how our energy demands change when we lose weight. Here’s how it works. When we lose weight, we actually require fewer calories–but our brain tells us we need more. How much more? For every pound you lose, you need 10 fewer calories; but our brain tells us we need 50 more calories than before. 

Capsiplex has found two ingredients to combat this brain signaling. The first is the mineral Chromium. When we exercise, our body loses minerals through metabolic processes, and one of them is Chromium. The big problem with that is that Chromium regulates our appetite. With Capsiplex, we get that Chromium back.

Next is that Capsimax again! Not only does capsaicin help us burn fat already in our systems, it also helps us curb cravings. Clinical trials have shown that people who ingest capsaicinoids eat less.

With the Chromium and Capsimax, you can have your workout and not eat it, too. Instead, you’ll simply move throughout your day enjoying the benefits of your cardio, HIIT, or weight session without the worry of a carb-load after.

Ingredients that Matter

After thousands of pages of scientific studies and clinical trials, and hundreds of supplement reviews, I’ve seen every fad ingredient on every fat-burner known to humankind. With Capsiplex Burn, I can confidently say that there are no wasted ingredients, and everything in every capsule has science backing it up.


Like I mentioned above, this isn’t just capsaicin powder from someone’s garden. This is a patented blend unlike any other, which not only helps you burn fat, but eat less, too.


Another patented blend, this one of Ginseng and Astragalus, an ancient Chinese longevity herb. Together, these two nutrients target the very mRNA of our cells, telling them to take in more sugar to burn, burn more fat, and boost their energy, fueling not only your workouts, but your weight loss, too.

Green Tea and Green Coffee

Instead of guzzling cup after cup of black coffee trying to get a spark, just take the extracts found in Capsiplex Burn. The extracts of Green Tea and Green Coffee not only give you a cleaner energy shot, but studies have shown that they can improve metabolism.


We all know the benefits of B Vitamins, and well we should. B3, B6, and B12 are essential to cellular health, and we need them to carry out the messaging and metabolism functions promoted by Innoslim and Capsimax.


Iodine? You may be thinking you already get enough because it’s in the salt on your table. But then ask yourself, haven’t you been trying to eat less salt? You should be, if you’re trying to shed pounds. And Iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid malfunction, slowing your metabolism.


We touched on it earlier, but honestly I could mention this every paragraph. Not enough supplements for weight loss touch on brain chemistry and signaling. Finally, Capsiplex Burn has, by including the appetite regulating mineral Chromium into their blend.


Any regular reader of our work, or consumer of supplements, has seen this amino acid. It’s in all the best weight-loss supplements, and for good reason. It helps regulate thyroid function, and can even help with brain chemistry to keep us motivated.


Seen in just as many supplements as Tyrosine, L-Arginine is another amino acid linked to metabolism and the retention of lean muscle mass.

Black Pepper (Piperine)

While not directly related to fat-burning or energy consumption, it’s just as important as any ingredient on this list. That’s because Piperine helps increase the production of hydrochloric acid in our stomachs, breaking things down faster and increasing the absorption of nutrients into our blood–nutrients like Innoslim and Capsimax.

Pros and Cons


  • Works with two proprietary ingredients; essential this is two fat burning supplements in one.
  • Provides insulin-sensitivity to our cells, burning more sugar and storing less fat.
  • Liquifies fat stored around the body for use in workouts.
  • Curbs hunger even while increasing energy.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Best results for shredding, and not losing muscle mass, could take 2 months.
  • It’s not a silver bullet; Capsimax Burn works best for the people that are working for it.
  • Should be taken on an empty stomach, which isn’t easy for some people.

How Much to Take, Side Effects, and Pricing

Capsiplex has a simple dosing recommendation–simply take it on an empty stomach, a half hour before workouts or before your first meal on off-days. 

As for side effects, I made sure to check all the clinical studies I could and didn’t find any adverse conditions or symptoms. I always note, however, that if you have a sensitivity to caffeine, capsaicin, or any other diet pills you’ve tried in the past, definitely consult a physician before taking Capsiplex Burn. Also, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, Capsiplex recommends you wait.

On to cost. As of this review, you can get a month of Capsiplex Burn for $64.99. But if you buy two bottles, you can get a third for free, bringing you right up to that optimum time scale for shredding. Alternatively, you can go for the long-haul, and with three bottles you can get two for free.

All shipping is free, and if you’re not satisfied, there’s a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Really there isn’t much to criticize with Capsiplex Burn. I was excited to learn about some emerging technologies and research in the cellular signaling world, and Innoslim is absolutely leading the way in that science. It’s so effective that many people are already taking Innoslim on its own.

But with Capsiplex Burn, you get the proven efficacy of Innsolim combined with another patented formula, Capsimax. Together with the other well-researched ingredients in Capsiplex you get a really one-of-a-kind formula with all you need to shred fat, burn sugar, curb appetite, and boost your energy.

Want To Try Capsiplex BURN?

Overall Rating: 
4.8/5 stars





Is Capsiplex Burn a Testosterone Booster?

Absolutely not. In fact, the website for Capsiplex Burn goes out of their way to mention that their product is ideal for men and women. Anyone who wants to shed pounds and burn fat can use Capsiplex.

Does Capsiplex Burn Make You Jittery?

It shouldn’t, no. Unless you have a pre-existing caffeine sensitivity, the Green Tea and Green Coffee extracts in Capsiplex are known for a more mild energy boost than, for instance, caffeine anhydrous.

Will Capsiplex Become Habit-Forming?

No. Nothing in Capsiplex is chemically addictive or habit forming. There are people that become behaviorally compelled to working out and dieting, and if that is you or someone you know, please reach out to a licensed mental health professional or doctor. 

How Much Should I Workout for Capsiplex to Work?

For the first 30 days, simply stick to your normal routine! It’s not good for our bodies to overload them just because we’re excited about a new supplement. In fact, Capsiplex Burn’s website mentions that your workouts could become easier–enjoy that, and don’t push too hard right away.

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