Does Zinc Boost Testosterone?

We are no strangers to the benefits of zinc, the ingredient features in our daily multivitamins and our favorite foods, and it has been a topic of conversation for years as scientists keep finding a new use for the multifaceted mineral. I've recently come across zinc in many testosterone-boosting formulas, and that got me thinking, can zinc really boost testosterone levels too?

Here I touch on the basics of zinc, find out its link to testosterone, and more. Let's dive in:

what you need to know

  • Zinc can increase testosterone production at its source
  • Clinical research links zinc deficiency to hypogonadism
  • Zinc use has no reported side effects

Zinc and Testosterone, A Formidable Force

Zinc is an essential mineral, and testosterone is a hormone, so straight off the bat, it may seem like the two are unrelated and can't possibly have a connection, but they do, and it's evident in several studies. I looked at one study that clearly defined the link. A study involving young men following a low-zinc diet found moderate to severe zinc deficiency causes hypogonadism (low testosterone).

The men saw a significant decrease in testosterone levels (almost 75%) after 20 weeks of the low-zinc diet. The relationship between zinc and serum testosterone was closely examined thereafter. Experts found that zinc was an important part of the male reproductive system (where testosterone is formed—testes) and endocrine system (a messenger system that regulates hormones like testosterone).

In essence, zinc supports testosterone production, so it's clear why supplementation can help boost testosterone levels in those experiencing a decline. The study concluded that zinc supplementation increased serum testosterone levels and confirmed it plays an important role in controlling testosterone levels in normal men. This makes zinc and testosterone a force to be reckoned with, it's easy to understand why most testosterone boosters add this ingredient to their formulas.

An In-Depth Scientific View

I've touched on the basic link between zinc and testosterone to get you used to the idea that zinc can, in fact, influence hormones transforming it from a simple mineral to a powerhouse treatment. Now let's look at the in-depth scientific research behind the zinc and testosterone relationship.

After diving into research, I found an extensive amount of science backing the zinc-testosterone link, but the one study that stood out to me involved zinc intake for 6 months by elderly men with minor zinc deficiencies. After just 24 weeks, the men saw an improvement in serum testosterone levels with no side effects.

Their average testosterone levels actually doubled in that time, demonstrating zinc's significant effect on testosterone levels. Research shows that low zinc levels can also interfere with sperm production, causing sperm abnormalities, which negatively impact serum testosterone levels as well.

How to Increase Zinc to Improve Testosterone Levels

Most of the zinc you need to function optimally can be obtained from food sources. In most cases, we don't have enough zinc-rich foods in our diet, so symptoms of low testosterone tend to rear their ugly head. Men should be absorbing 11mg of zinc daily. 

Let's look at how to increase zinc to improve testosterone levels.

1. Eat more foods that are high in zinc

Foods like crab, beef, oysters, beans, pork, oatmeal, nuts, chicken, yogurt, fortified bread, and cereal have high levels of zinc.

2. Supplements

Zinc supplements are a great way to boost zinc levels for those with dietary restrictions.

Men can combine the two options above, but this must be done carefully, as high zinc levels can cause side effects. If the balancing act is a bit much for you, you can opt for a testosterone booster with zinc in its formula. An ideal one can be found in an article I wrote here, where I give readers a detailed look at The Best Testosterone Boosters on the market.

Other Benefits of Zinc

We know that zinc can positively influence testosterone levels and help fight the effects of hypogonadism, but what else can it help with? Below I list the other benefits that come with zinc intake:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves lean muscle mass growth
  • Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Reduce the risk of certain age-related diseases
  • Protects eyesight
  • It may help treat acne
  • Improves sperm quality
  • Accelerates wound healing

These benefits have a domino effect on the overall functioning of the body and mind, making it a great addition to our lives.

Final Call

Zinc plays a supporting role in the production of testosterone, which makes it hot commodity in the world of testosterone boosting. This miracle mineral has proven its effectiveness and safety in several clinical trials and has a long-standing relationship with medicine cupboards worldwide, making its presence in testosterone booster formulas familiar. In my opinion, user comfort paired with effectiveness and safety brings the ingredient to the forefront of testosterone elevation, overall health, and wellness.

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