Top Essential Oils That Can Boost Testosterone

Essential oils are a potent form of alternative medicine made using extracts from plants, herbs, flowers, citrus fruit rinds, shrubs, trees, and other wonders of nature that carry a distinctive scent. Their therapeutic benefits have been confirmed by native tribes and medical experts alike, bringing them to the forefront of medical care.

Research has shown that essential oils have antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help promote testosterone levels. Let's find out more about the best essential oils for testosterone elevation below:

Why Is Low Testosterone A Problem?

Testosterone deficiency is becoming increasingly common in the US, with almost 40% of middle-aged men suffering from low testosterone levels. These numbers are said to increase in the years to come, with experts pinning the cause on a combination of environmental factors (exposure to chemicals), lifestyle choices (poor diets), and health issues (obesity). 

So, why can't we sweep this condition under the rug and just try and live around it? Well, the answer is simple, testosterone influences several mind and body functions, and even the slightest change in levels can cause a range of symptoms that are impossible to ignore. Let's look at some of them below:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Sleep changes
  • Appetite changes
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced lean muscle mass

These symptoms vary in intensity depending on the severity of the deficiency. Experts always recommend checking testosterone levels as soon as symptoms are noticed so regulation of the hormone can start early.

Why Use Essential Oils for Low T?

Testosterone elevation is a delicate process that requires a steady hand with dosage and frequency. If you do not have the patience for adherence, then traditional solutions to the deficiency, like testosterone boosters, are knocked off the list. 

This is where essential oils come in. One of the primary reasons why men choose to lean on essential oils to combat testosterone deficiency is ease of use. Essential oils can be administered in the following ways to boost testosterone levels.

  • Inhalation—This is the most common way of using essential oils. You can inhale them straight out of the bottle or put the required amount in a diffuser, humidifier, or steam bowl.
  • Topical application—The required amount can be diluted with a carrier oil and rubbed directly onto the skin. Alternatively, you can mix it into your lotion.
  • Ingested—You can use a dropper to place the required amount of the oil on your tongue for ingestion.

The oils are also completely natural, diet, lifestyle, vegan, and vegetarian friendly, which opens up use to a wider range of men. In addition, they have excellent safety and efficacy levels—a research study showed that essential oil use increases salivary testosterone levels, which is the most compelling reason for use.

Top 5 Essential Oils that Can Help

We've discovered that essential oils are safe, effective, and easy to use, making them a possible solution for your declining testosterone levels, but which one should you use? The market for essential oils is expanding rapidly, and the variations available are even larger, which can be overwhelming. To help you, we've listed the best choices for testosterone boosting:


Lavender helps boost and maintain ideal testosterone levels through indirect stimulation. This oil relieves stress and anxiety, which helps the body freely produce hormones such as testosterone without disruptions. It also improves sleep quality, leading to better testosterone replenishment at night. 


Similar to Lavender, Chamomile is an indirect helper of testosterone. The oil is known as a relaxing agent that is often used to de-stress and eliminate feelings of anxiety. This, in turn, promotes better quality sleep which helps the body better manage hormone production. Since a large fraction of testosterone is produced at night, this can significantly boost levels.


Rose oil has quite a significant impact on hormonal levels. It works within the brain to improve serotonin and neuropeptide levels, resulting in better moods. The oil also boosts and regulates testosterone production, which helps improve symptoms of low testosterone, such as low sex drive, sperm count, and motility—a rosy set of benefits indeed.

Clary Sage 

We found that Clary Sage boosts testosterone levels by stimulating the brain, endocrine, nervous, and circulatory systems to control the production of the hormone. The oil also improves sexual desire and moods, eliminating symptoms of low testosterone.


Sandalwood helps improve thyroid and endocrine system function, which improves testosterone production while regulating levels of the hormone. The oil is also known for correcting low libidos—a common symptom of testosterone deficiency.

Is Using Essential Oils Effective?

After delving into some intensive research, I found that using essential oils for different conditions produces promising results. For example, research from the Journal of Phytotherapy found that sage oil reduced cortisol levels by 36%, improving thyroid hormone levels. 

Proper thyroid hormone production stimulates the hypothalamus and encourages the production of hormones that tell the testes to produce testosterone. This proves that the oils are effective in promoting testosterone production.

The other oils on our list all work similarly to increase testosterone levels, proving the overall effectiveness of essential oils for testosterone elevation. The use of essential oils also comes with many other benefits that support body and mind functionality.

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