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Forskolin is no stranger to fat burner formulas, featuring in supplements like Burn Lab Pro and running solo in forskolin supplements which claim to help accelerate fat burning and support weight loss. But the exact science of how it helps fat burning or if it's really effective at its job is unknown by most of us. So, I decided to explore the science behind Forskolin for you to confirm if its claimed effect on weight loss is fact or fiction.

key findings

  • Studies show that Forskolin can increase the production of cAMP, a molecule that helps boost fat-burning compounds.
  • Clinical evidence from human and animal studies shows that Forskolin can stop the development of new fat.
  • Evidence shows that Forskolin can improve body composition—fat-bone-muscle ratios.

Understanding Forskolin and its Alleged Weight Loss Benefits

Forskolin is an active compound derived from the roots of a plant named Coleus Forskohlii which hails from the mint family. The plant has a history in Ayurvedic medicine, so it already had quite a firm stance in treating various health ailments. 

From eczema, asthma, psoriasis, digestive disorders, and heart issues, its use list quickly expanded once researchers caught wind of its abilities. This is how its possible effect on weight loss was uncovered. The mechanics behind how it does this is believed to be in its ability to increase the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). 

cAMP is a molecule that plays a role in several biological processes, including fat metabolism. By increasing cAMP levels, Forskolin can enhance the breakdown of stored fat, which in turn promotes weight loss. But this isn't all Forskolin does, I found studies supporting weight loss paired with other benefits as well. 

One of them is a research trial that evaluated the ingestion of Forskolin for weight loss in obese men. The study found that a 250mg dose twice daily for 12 weeks positively affected the body. Supplementation altered body composition (fat-bone-muscle ratios) and decreased body fat percentage and mass. It also increased bone mass and free testosterone levels, validating its multi-layered effect on the body.

What do Individual Studies Have to Say About Forskolin

I found a study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition investigating Forskolin's effect on weight loss. It involved 23 mildly overweight female participants who took a standard dose (250mg twice daily) of Forskolin for 12 weeks. But Unlike the study we touched on earlier, which showed a range of positive results, this one remained neutral. 

In particular, no significant differences in fat mass or fat percentage were noted. In addition, no significant differences were found in any metabolic markers or blood lipids (like increased testosterone levels). This might be because of the gender difference between the two studies.  

The observation in this study was that no significant weight loss took place. However, supplementation did help prevent weight gain (new fat mass development). It was also noted that the women reported less fatigue and hunger. 

In a 2014 animal study, scientists administered Forskolin and rolipram to 50 female rats over 10 weeks. The rats were divided into different groups, some were fed a high-fat diet with Forskolin alone, while others were fed a high-fat diet with a combination of Forskolin and rolipram.

The results showed that the Forskolin alone and the combination of Forskolin+rolipram stimulated lipolysis (fat breakdown) in all the rats. Even though they were fed a high-fat diet, no weight gain was noted in the Forskolin or combination groups. 

This evidence confirms that both Forskolin and rolipram can stop new fat mass development. According to the trial's researchers, the ingredients achieved this by increasing cAMP levels (which in elevated levels helps boost fat-burning compounds), which aligns with the initial theory I mentioned earlier. 

In a nutshell, the evidence from these studies shows us that Forskolin isn't the rapid 'melt the fat' cure some may be looking for but isn't ineffective in the battle of the bulge either.

An Overall Look at Scientific Studies

A meta-analysis examining data from several independent studies focused on the weight loss effects of Forskolin found some solid evidence. The aim of the review was to assess the safety and efficacy of the Forskolin extract as a weight-loss aid. 

The analysis involved the interpretation of 7 studies. The overall results from the clinical studies showed weight loss after the oral intake of Forskolin extract. Notable differences were also noted in the body weights of those who took Forskolin compared to those who didn't. 

Those who took Forskolin reported no serious side effects, meaning supplementation is well tolerated. This points to a great efficacy and safety profile which opens up users to a wider range of users. Let me add that these positive findings come from Forskolin use alone. 

There were no other ingredients at play or a high intake of functional foods (food containing health-giving additives). This means that the results were completely due to the intake of Forskolin, confirming that the ingredient has weight-loss properties. 

The findings from the studies suggest that Forskolin has the potential to be used alone for general weight loss or as adjunctive therapy (added to something else like another supplement or treatment) for serious conditions like obesity.

Final Word

If you come across a Forskolin supplement or an aid that uses Forskolin in its formula, you are likely to see exaggerated claims like fast, easy, or effortless weight loss. While this might not necessarily be true, it isn't completely false either. After looking at both human and animal studies that evaluated Forskolin for weight loss, I found that the ingredient can stimulate processes in the body that can help move excess fat out of our body.

But as with every supplement, it's not without effort—diet and exercise are needed in combination with supplementation. Evidence also points to the ingredient being an option for weight maintenance. But don't expect significant changes because, as you know, weight loss happens at a different pace for each one of us.

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