Can Glucomannan Cause High Blood Pressure?

We're well aware of the benefits glucomannan brings to the table, but could it possibly have a less-than-positive side, too? The question we're exploring is, can glucomannan cause high blood pressure?

key findings

  • Studies show that glucomannan supplementation doesn't cause high blood pressure.
  • Scientific data strongly supports the notion that glucomannan is unlikely to trigger high blood pressure.
  • Glucomannan supplementation can improve cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity, which indirectly helps regulate blood pressure levels.

Glucomannan and Blood Pressure 

Let's dive straight into the science here, I found a PubMed study that looked into the effect of glucomannan on cholesterol, and while this doesn't directly deal with blood pressure, the results were relevant. 

The results showed that those who took glucomannan measured in with lower LDL-C (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood) levels. But here's the part that answers our question: The study participants had no negative changes in their blood pressure—so glucomannan didn't cause high blood pressure. 

In fact, researchers comparing the results found that blood pressure levels actually dropped. Another review looking at glucomannan's benefits listed lowered blood pressure as one of the ingredient effects, along with a decrease in:

  • cholesterol,
  • triglycerides,
  • glucose levels, and
  • weight.

The Possibility of Glucomannan Causing High Blood Pressure Eliminated

Based on the results from the reviews and studies I mentioned earlier, a consensus appears: glucomannan does cause high blood pressure. But is this conclusion definitive, or could there still be a small chance that the ingredient can increase blood pressure?

As far as scientific research goes, data strongly supports the notion that glucomannan is unlikely to trigger high blood pressure. This assurance comes from glucomannan's positive impact on specific body processes—

  • insulin sensitivity and 
  • cholesterol levels.

Below, I break down how reduced cholesterol levels and enhanced insulin sensitivity caused by glucomannan supplements prevent spikes in blood pressure:

Lowered Cholesterol

Lowered cholesterol levels reduce fatty deposit buildup in arteries, promoting smoother blood flow. This helps create a healthier environment for the heart and blood vessels, making it easier for them to keep blood pressure in check.

Insulin Sensitivity

Improved insulin sensitivity means we use sugar better, which reduces excess sugar in the bloodstream. This alleviates stress on blood vessel walls, supporting their flexibility and function, leading to better blood circulation and healthier blood pressure levels.

Glucomannan as a Blood Pressure Regulator

Considering the evidence we've explored regarding glucomannan and its potential positive effect on blood pressure, you might be curious about using it for its regulatory effects. However, it's important to note that research is still ongoing.  

So, solo use of glucomannan for blood pressure regulation isn't on the cards yet, but it might be beneficial against hypertension alongside compatible measures and positive lifestyle changes (diet and exercise). 

However, it's always a good idea to consult your healthcare provider before picking up glucomannan, especially if you have a pre-existing blood pressure issue, because you can risk experiencing side effects that come with medication interference.

Final Word

After doing some research and looking into several studies, I found no substantial scientific evidence pointing to glucomannan causing high blood pressure. In fact, the research indicates the opposite. Studies have shown that glucomannan can potentially have a positive impact on blood pressure, gently nudging it downward rather than driving it upward. 

While these findings might pique your interest in using glucomannan to regulate blood pressure, it's not advised as there's still ongoing research and much to uncover in this respect. However, you can use it for its other core benefits like supporting digestive health, appetite control, weight loss, reducing cholesterol, and more.

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