Do Nootropics Make You Sleepy? | 2024 Facts and EVIDENCE

Thousands of people have read our reviews of the best Nootropics on the market, and many of them have had questions about these great supplements. From side effects to how well they actually work, it’s fair to want all the information before you try something.

One question that’s come up recently is “Will Nootropics make me sleepy?” It’s a good question–if a Nootropic has calming effects, could that go too far? The good news is that quality Nootropics won’t make you drowsy, and in fact could have the opposite effect. That said, many Nootropics can improve the quality of your sleep when you do rest, making your waking hours that much more productive.

Quick Summary

  • Nootropic supplements can help rewire your brain for more alert clarity during the day–at the office, at the gym, and everywhere in between, before, and after.
  • Many high-end Nootropics do have anxiety-reducers, which can help you fall asleep faster at bedtime.
  • Better rest can and will improve your waking hours.
  • Every Nootropic we’ve recommended is safe; no warnings for heavy machinery, driving, or any other activity.

Science Behind Nootropics

Modern Nootropic supplements include ingredients like Bacopa Monnieiri, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Choline to help your brain reach its full potential. In products like Feedamind, these ingredients come together to help you with:

  • Your Focus, 
  • Your Attention, and
  • Your Memory.

The evidence behind each ingredient is varied. Take Bacopa, for instance. Studies have shown strong evidence that it can boost Cognitive Performance by clearing away brain plaque and helping you rebuild neuron tissue.

With each Nootropic we review–the good and the not-so-good–we provide in-depth scientific analysis so you know the exact mechanisms behind the formulas. In the main, Nootropic ingredients are designed to make you more alert, not less; to be more focused and driven, not drowsy. And to do that, some of these formulas can even help you balance your anxiety and stress.

Mood Balancing Ingredients

There are three ingredients that pop up in all the best Brain Supplements, and each of them have scientific evidence supporting their use to reduce stress. These ingredients help clear away your distraction and brain fog during the day, making you more alert. But they can also help you sleep when you do lay your head down, by ensuring that you have fewer nagging thoughts keeping you awake at night.


A key chemical component naturally occurring in Green Tea, Theanine has been shown time and again in clinical trials that it improves mental performance, especially when subjects are under duress. It has led some to speculate that the calming nature of Green Tea, even though it has caffeine, is due to the powerful effect of Theanine. It can be found in the top-rated Nootropic Feedamind, as well as many others.

Rhodiola Rosea

Also called Arctic Root, or King’s Crown, this flowering herb has found a home in many proven Nootropics. This is partly due to its ability to reduce anxiety. When we’re anxious, our cortisol spikes, which has some physiological benefits, but can also cloud our thinking. For many people, natural remedies like Rhodiola are the key to avoiding that.


The amino acid Tyrosine is made through various metabolic processes in nature. In Nootropic supplements, it’s been proven to not only reduce stress during cognitive exams, but has done so enough to actually reduce blood pressure under stress. This means you’re more calm and thinking more clearly to make fewer errors. It’s no wonder we find it in Vyvamind, Feedamind, and other proven Nootropics.

Better Sleep Means Better Performance

It may strike you as odd to think about calming during the day leading to alert thinking, but studies have shown that even the deep calm of meditation can improve attention. Nootropic ingredients that help us reach these more serene mindsets have the same effect.

In addition, when our brains are free of stress, worry, and distraction, we can sleep better. And better sleep, in a surprise to no one, improves our ability to perform the next day. 

One recent study even cited the poor quality and inadequate quantity of sleep as a public health hazard. Sleep is important, and the more calm we can stay throughout the day, the better we’ll sleep.

Final Thoughts

Far from making us drowsy or sleepy, a good Nootropic actually helps keep us alert and oriented throughout our waking hours. Though some of that effect is achieved through calming and mood balancing, none of the ingredients in any Nootropic we’ve recommended will actually make you sleepy.

On the flip side, when it is time to sleep, these same Nootropics can help give you the balanced mood and reduced stress that can make all the difference in getting you to a quality night’s rest, so you can have a better tomorrow.

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