Nugenix Total-T Review | Legit? Efficacy & WARNINGS

Total-T testosterone booster positions itself as the ultimate fitness supplement for men. According to its official website, regular use of Total-T will improve your stamina, strength, and endurance. Here at the Great Green Wall, we’ve reviewed literally dozens of T-Boosters, and have come away with a trusted list of the most effective products

In this review we’ll read through what scientists have to say about Nugenix’s ingredients, how they stack up to our Editor’s Picks–and whether Nugenix’s Total-T really works.

What is Total-T?

Total-T is a dietary supplement formulated and manufactured by Nugenix in the US. It is marketed as a testosterone booster, but their marketing makes it clear that they have performance issues in mind. Unlike some other T-Boosters, like Testo-Max that delivers huge gains in the gym, Total-T seems to focus on the bedroom.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Nugenix’s ingredient list is light on ingredients proven to boost T, like D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D. We’ll take a deeper dive later in the article into their ingredients.

Who Should Use Total-T?

I spend a lot of my time waist-deep in scientific articles and research journals, and because of that I’m often not ready for a full-blown media campaign when discussing supplements and their ingredients. One thing we pride ourselves on here is plugging you, the reader, into the absolute best evidence in the medical community.

I bring all that up to say that the there are two answers to the question “Who should use Nugenix?” One answer is that it’s for anyone who wants better performance in the bedroom. The other answer is anyone who is new to supplements. In the first case, the main ingredient in Total-T, L-Citrulline Malate, doesn’t have real good evidence behind stimulating Testosterone–but it does have aphrodisiac affects. In the second case, products like TestoPrime and Testogen are more focused on research and less on marketing.

This on its own is life-changing for most men who were buried under the weight of dwindling testosterone levels. 

It is important to keep in mind that even if these benefits are 100% true, not everyone is going to experience them the same way. Factors like age, weight, and the extent of T deficiency can all influence the end results. Besides, if you're looking for even faster results, we recommend checking out TestoPrime which offers a 44% T levels increase in a couple of weeks.

Top Alternatives: 


Overall Rating: 5/5

 - Can increase T levels by 44%.

 - Helps accelerate the progress of your body shape goals.

 - Increases your self-esteem and mood as a whole.


Overall Rating: 4.7/5

 - Faster muscle growth and fat elimination.

 - Increased strength and stamina.

 - Quicker muscle recovery after each workout.


Overall Rating: 46/5

 - Provides all-encompassing benefits for men’s health.

 - Boosts T levels back to normal.

 - Increases energy and stamina to allow more exercise.

Total-T Benefits/Claims

Total-T makes three basic claims, that by using their product, you can “Rediscover your confidence, boost your energy and restore overall wellness.” Let’s take a look at how they back that up, one by one.


We’ll take a look at the product by ingredient, below, but for now I can say that they seem to rely on two main compounds to “boost your energy,” Vitamin B6 and B12. Now, there is a mountain range of evidence that the Vitamin B family is absolutely essential for the process of cellular reaction. That being said, according to US data, the average daily intake of Vitamin B6 is 2 mg a day, and Nugenix has exactly that amount. That same database has the average daily intake of B12 at just under 6 mg/day, well above Nugenix’s 2.4.


Equating biomechanics to confidence might seem like a stretch, but there is mounting evidence in the world of nootropics that there is a strong connection between what we eat and how we feel. Nugenix does include two products with known boosts to libido–L-Citrulline Malate and Eurycoma longifolia. It can be surmised that if a person has lost their drive, and suddenly regains it, that could very well be a large confidence boost.


Promising wellness can be tricky, especially as people may define it quite differently. There products, however, that can deliver on stress-relief by including Ashwagandha, or by relieve oxidant stress on a molecular level, like Pomegranate. (As a bonus, both of these products boost Testosterone.) Like with their libido-boosting ingredients, it’s possible that Nugenix’s Total-T can improve a sense of wellness by boosting bedroom performance, but they don’t include a full spectrum of healthy herbs like some of our other recommended products.


Let’s take a look at the specifics on Total-T. We’ll look at each ingredient in turn to find out if it works, and how it stacks up–ingredient to ingredient–with the very best supplements on the market.

Fenugreek extract — 600 mg

Fenugreek is the primary testosterone-producing ingredient of Total-T and it’s easy to see why. Furostanolic Saponins — an active compound within fenugreek — prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This can result in a drastic 46% increase in T levels after 12 weeks of Fenugreek supplementation. It also improves men’s libido, sperm quality, and general energy levels.

It’s worth noting that all of our Top Rated T-Booster include Fenugreek–but at levels only a fraction of Nugenix’s 600 mg. (For reference, both Testo-Max and Testogen only have 40 mg.) It’s also worth noting that more isn’t not always better. For instance, caffeine energy, but too much can be detrimental to the heart and kidneys. Also, when 40 mg is effective, it might be worth wondering if paying for 15x that is worth it.

elevATP® Blend — 150 mg

The elevATP blend is a mix of two things; Ancient Peat extract, and Apple Fruit extract. Individually, the Ancient Peat extract can increase ATP levels in your blood, resulting in more strength and stamina. Similarly, Apple extract is known for its anti-aging and skin-smoothing properties.

There is also some limited evidence that flavonoids in both fruits may increase testosterone, though not as much evidence as that supporting herbs like Nettle Leaf Extract.

Eurycoma longifolia extract — 100 mg

Eurycoma longifolia has been a part of traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac for a long time. It is believed to boost libido and improve sexual performance. Research also suggests the use of Eurycoma longifolia as a treatment for male sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Boron — 10 mg

Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) is a protein that can lower T levels by binding itself to free testosterone. Boron acts as an inhibitor for SHBG and can lower its concentration by 9% in just six hours. This can lead to a 28% increase in testosterone availability after one week of Boron intake.

L-Citrulline Malate — 1125 mg

A recent 2021 study by Valaei et al. tested the effects of L-Citrulline on resistance training in young men. After the seven-day test period, all nine participants showed improvements in their training performance. This is because L-Citrulline increases the secretion of Nitrous Oxide which, in turn, improves blood flow to your muscles. There is also a study that Citrulline Malate can improve sexual performance–in castrated mice, of all things. 

These findings, however, don’t indicate any real testosterone boosting, as found with ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid found in the leading T-Boosters.

Vitamin B6 — 2 mg

Animal studies show that Vitamin B6 deficiency is linked with lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen concentration. Luckily, taking B6 supplements counteracts these benefits. Vitamin B6 also converts amino acids into serotonin — making you feel happier and more confident.

Zinc — 1 mg

Zinc deficiency is a major cause of low T in men. Studies show that consuming a low zinc diet for 20 weeks can reduce your T levels by as much as 75%. Fortunately, the same research also shows that taking a Zinc supplement will reverse these symptoms and bring your T levels back to normal.

Though, it is important to keep in mind that the 1 mg of Zinc in Total-T is not enough for any meaningful change. The ideal amount of Zinc in a T booster is around 10 mg like it is in Testogen. 

Vitamin B12 — 2.4 mcg

This tiny amount of Vitamin B12 improves your health in general as it is an essential component for keeping your blood and nerve cells functioning properly. With both Vitamin Bs on this list we should keep in mind that the amount in the product is quite low compared to how much many men already have in their diet, and there is no compelling evidence that either one improves testosterone.

Pros and Cons 


  • Ingredients known to improve libido and drive
  • Focus is on simplicity and effectiveness
  • Wide range of products for specific health needs


  • Lacks proven T-Boosters found in other products
  • Some ingredients seem over-loaded (Fenugreek), while others, like Boron, appear under-dosed
  • There's simply better products our there.

Does Total-T Really Work?

While there is no way to reliably validate concepts like “confidence,” and “wellness,” I can attest to the scientific evidence that many of their ingredients can and will increase libido and performance. That being said, with a name like “Total-T,” there is a dearth of known Testosterone boosters in the formula.

When And How To Take Total-T?

Nugenix recommends you to take three capsules every day. Make sure to take all three capsules at once to see the best results, instead of dividing them throughout the day. 

As for the ideal time to take Total-T, that’s completely up to you. You can take this T booster at any time you want. There is also no restriction on taking it strictly with or without food as — according to its website — food has zero impact on the absorption and efficacy of its ingredients.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Nugneix does not report any recurring side effects for Total-T users. That said, it does recommend consulting a doctor before purchase if you’re already taking prescribed medication for a major illness. 

We did see some older reports of potential gastrointestinal side effects from this supplement. But, those were caused by the high citrulline malate content with a 1:1 ratio. Nugenix has since revised the formula and given malate content a 2:1 ratio to mitigate this issue.

How Much Is It And Where To Buy?

Each bottle of Total-T contains 90 capsules that are meant for use over the course of one month. You can purchase it from Nugneix’s official Amazon or from their website by visiting

The pricing for this supplement is quite straightforward with only one price option:

  • $69.99 for one bottle.

You can also partake in a 14-day trial period before buying the supplement for a full bottle. Plus, you also get a 30-day full money-back guarantee with the purchase.

Customer Reviews

The majority of customer reviews for Total-T testosterone booster are positive as evident from its 4.1/5 star rating on Amazon with 13,500 reviews. These reviews are filled with men stating how this supplement helped them get more exercise and stay more active in general.

You can read these reviews in detail on Amazon or on Nugenix’s official website.

Top Alternatives: 


Overall Rating: 5/5

 - Can increase T levels by 44%.

 - Helps accelerate the progress of your body shape goals.

 - Increases your self-esteem and mood as a whole.


Overall Rating: 4.7/5

 - Faster muscle growth and fat elimination.

 - Increased strength and stamina.

 - Quicker muscle recovery after each workout.


Overall Rating: 46/5

 - Provides all-encompassing benefits for men’s health.

 - Boosts T levels back to normal.

 - Increases energy and stamina to allow more exercise.

Final Thoughts

The Total-T testosterone booster from Nugenix manages to be a worthy consideration for men losing their drive and libido due to the effects of aging. Its inclusion of ingredients like Fenugreek and Zinc reassures us of its ability to restore testosterone production in hypogonadal men, though it does lack other proven ingredients.


Does Total-T contain any testosterone?

No, it does not contain any testosterone like anabolic steroids. Instead, it contains natural ingredients that stimulate the natural testosterone-producing properties of your body.

Are there any allergens in Total-T?

Total-T does not contain any common allergens. But, if you still experience an allergic reaction, stop using the supplement immediately and consult a doctor.

Will Total-T help with my athletic performance?

The strength increase and benefits of Total-T are geared more toward bedroom performance. If you’re looking for athletic performance, there’s arguably no better supplement than Testo-Max. 

Do I have to take Total-T every day?

You should take Total-T daily if you’re looking for the fastest results. That said, missing a day two occasionally will not have a drastic impact.

Can Total-T cause a positive drug test?

Total-T does not contain any banned substances in its formula so drug tests shouldn’t be an issue. But, it’s best to consult with your testing authority regarding your use of the supplement.

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