PhenQ Review 2024 | Does This Fat Burner Really Work?

Make no mistake – losing fat is hard. There is no getting away from adopting a healthy lifestyle that encompasses regular exercise, proper diet and sufficient sleep. To get to the body you want, it’s going to take months and sometimes years of ‘doing the right thing’. Unfortunately, the length of this journey sees many lose patience and drop off early. 

Fat burners can accelerate your progress and slash the weight quicker. If you are considering getting on one, PhenQ is likely to be on your shortlist. We have taken a deep dive into its attributes, ingredients, strengths and weaknesses to help you decide whether it could be the right fat burner for you.


Overall Rating: 4.9/5

  • Top choice in our Best Fat Burners list
  • Increases energy & reduces fatigue 
  • Great appetite suppressant 

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a fat burner made from seven natural, clinically tested ingredients. It targets specific aspects of body fat to attain that slimmer frame you aspire to. PhenQ suppresses food cravings, lifts mood, enhances physical/mental energy levels and regulates blood sugar. With more than 320,000 unique buyers, this fat burner has been subjected to extensive real world testing to prove its efficacy.  

PhenQ is made by Wolfson Brands, a UK based wellness company that has been in operation for more than a decade. In this relatively brief time window, Wolfson Brands has developed dozens of supplements some of which place in the upper tiers of their categories. Other products from Wolfson Brands include Phen24, Capsiplex Trim and PhenQ PM.

My Video Review of PhenQ

How Does It Work?

Like many other fat loss supplements, PhenQ burns extra fat. It however goes further to slow down production of new fat cells, a crucial element to maintaining the momentum of weight loss.


Appetite Suppression

As health experts constantly advise, you need to be on a caloric deficit if you are going to consistently shed excess weight. It’s an important principle – if you don’t control what and how often you eat, you are going to reverse any gains derived from supplementation and regular exercise. PhenQ’s main active ingredient is α-Lacys Reset, a patented formula proven to inhibit food cravings. α-Lacys Reset is made from alpha lipoic acid and l-cysteine. A study that examined how amino acids affect satiety found that l-cysteine significantly reduced hunger in human subjects.

Slows Onset of Fatigue

As you strive to cut down the extra weight, the regular exercise and reduced calorie intake can, at least at the beginning, leave you feeling worn out at the end of each day. This could negatively impact your motivation for exercise and affect your ability to discharge routine tasks at work, home or college. 

PhenQ’s carefully chosen blend of ingredients are formulated to fight off tiredness. It does so by driving improved workout recovery, slower declines in power and strength, as well as a reduction in exercise fatigue.

Blood Glucose Control

Weight loss and blood glucose management are twins in a pod. When you are on a journey of fat loss, it’s important that you have blood glucose levels as an ally and not an impediment. As you adopt a different diet, a good fat loss supplement should support normal blood glucose levels. 

While glucose is crucial for the body’s function (the brain uses about half of it), excess glucose is harmful. It may lead to weight gain and even cause diabetes. Insulin stimulates body processes responsible for the storage of energy as fat. PhenQ’s ingredient mix supports insulin action and maintains regular blood glucose levels. 

Improves Concentration

When you set out to lose extra body fat, lifestyle changes must occur in the context of your everyday life which likely encompasses home duties, work, recreational activities and/or college. You have to slot in gym time among your regular must-do tasks. 

For this not to impair the realization of your family, professional or college goals, it’s important that you maximize concentration on each task for the time dedicated to it. While PhenQ is primarily a fat loss supplement, it is a proven cognitive enhancer known to improve concentration and mood. This focus is eventually good for weight control.

Who Should Take PhenQ

PhenQ is suitable for nearly every person looking to shed excess fat. That said, it is bound to particularly appeal to individuals that have had challenges shedding belly fat in the past and want to get the slim waistline they always hoped for.

Pros And Cons


  • Eliminates extra fat (including stubborn belly fat) and slows down the formation of new fat cells.
  • Suppresses food cravings.
  • Enhances physical/mental energy levels.
  • Lifts mood.
  • Produced in FDA-accepted, GMP-compliant facilities.


Customer Reviews

The available reviews of PhenQ report mostly positive feedback. Among the improvements buyers most frequently mentioned include weight loss, reduced belly fat, shrinking waistlines and improved body shape. Below are some of the reviews from verified customers:

Ingredients (including quantity per daily serving)

L-carnitine tartrate (300 mg)

A compound proven to slow the onset of fatigue and speed up the conversion of body fat into energy. 

Caffeine (216 mg)

A stimulant that has long been known as a natural fat burner, it supports metabolism, fat loss, concentration and physical/mental energy levels.

Capsimax powder (100 mg)

A proprietary blend made from cayenne pepper, black pepper, vitamin B3 and caffeine, it boosts weight reduction by accelerating the body’s fat burning ability.

α-Lacys Reset (50 mg) 

A patented mixture of alpha lipoic acid and l-cysteine, it has been proven to speed up metabolism, suppress food cravings and boost fat loss.

Prickly pear cactus (40 mg)

Also known as nopal cactus, it is rich in fiber. Prickly pear cactus boosts weight loss and increases dietary fat excretion.

Copper (2 mg)

Added as copper sulfate, it aids blood sugar regulation and blood pressure control.

Chromium (20 mcg)

Added as chromium picolinate, it is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant that supports blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular function and the reduction of body weight.

Potential Side Effects

PhenQ is made from natural, clinically tested ingredients. It has no known side effect as long as it’s used as per the manufacturer-recommended dosage. Still, no two people have identical biochemical composition. Talk to your doctor before you get on the PhenQ. Also, PhenQ contains caffeine which could prove problematic for caffeine-sensitive persons.

Do not use it if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or below 18. Fat burner use is discouraged except with a doctor’s express consent if you have been diagnosed with a long term health condition like kidney illnesses, endocrine diseases, liver problems, autoimmune disorders, cancer and diabetes. Stop using PhenQ as soon as you experience an adverse reaction.

Prices & Offers

A bottle of PhenQ costs $69.99 and contains 60 pills to last 30 days. There are great discounts on orders of at least two bottles. Multi-bottle orders also have access to ten free health guides that cover exercise, diet, meal plans and detox. All orders get free worldwide shipping. When you buy two or more bottles, the purchase is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

PhenQ has been rated as the best fat burner on our official ranking because it's a powerhouse and a potent supplement that can certainly help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Still, it will not necessarily work for everyone given the unique biochemical composition of each person as well as the diversity of root causes for the extra body fat. Importantly, PhenQ is a fat loss supplement – it does not replace the need for healthy lifestyle choices comprising regular exercise, good diet and adequate sleep. Rather, it magnifies the impact of the work you put in. 

Want to Try PhenQ?

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars





Is PhenQ the right fat burner for me?

PhenQ’s ingredient formulation is aimed at working for the majority of people who are looking to shed excess weight. There is a good chance it should work for you as long as it is paired with the healthy habits of regular exercise, good diet and adequate sleep.

How soon should I expect to see changes?

The manufacturer holds that you should start to see most of PhenQ’s benefits after at least two months of use – hence the 60-day money back guarantee. That does not preclude some users from experiencing changes in weeks though. How quickly you shed the extra fat will depend on how overweight you are. Typically, the closer you are to a healthy BMI, the harder it becomes to eliminate those last few pounds.

Can I use PhenQ with other fat burners?

Yes, you can. But we would advise against it. It's good practice to use one fat burner at a time particularly if you have never used one before. Using one fat loss supplement at a go gives you a clear picture of whether it's working or not.

Also, combining multiple fat burners increases the likelihood of inadvertently exceeding the FDA’s recommendations on daily values for the shared ingredients. That could cause nutrient toxicity.

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