Prevagen vs Neuriva vs Feedamind 2024 | Which is Best & WARNINGS

Our social landscapes are changing every day. People used to be able to trust the news they saw on TV, and anything on the internet was suspect. But as big companies started mimicking “news” to sell supplements, many honest companies started reaching out directly to consumers over the internet. 

So who can you trust? I was recently asked by a friend, “Hey, I see commercials for Prevagen and Neuriva, but I’ve never seen you recommend them. Why not?” The answer to that is the science (or lack of) behind them.

Fact is, products like Feedamind don’t seize on one hype ingredient–they formulate the most scientifically-sound product, based on the best research. Products like Prevagen and Neuriva just don’t. To find out more, let’s dive into the ingredients, the evidence, and the final verdict.



Overall Rating: 5/5

✔️ Offers scientifically backed 13-ingredient blend.

✔️ Comprehensive supplement for enhancing focus, memory, clarity, energy, and motivation.

✔️ Prioritizes research & science over flashy marketing.


Overall Rating: 2.5/5

✔️ Mainly uses one ingredient, Apoaequorin, which lacks scientific evidence. 

✔️ Faced lawsuits over dubious science.

✔️ High marketing presence, effectiveness questionable.


Overall Rating: 2.8/5

✔️ Contains only two main ingredients: Coffee Fruit Extract and a phospholipid.

✔️ Relies on polyphenols found in many products.

✔️ Lacks comprehensive ingredient list.

What Makes Each One Different

In a nutshell, Feedamind utilizes 13 ingredients to help you maximize your focus, memory, clarity, energy, and motivation. Meanwhile, Prevagen and Neuriva use only one or two proprietary ingredients each. Moreover, Feedamind’s ingredients have sound scientific backing for their ingredients. One of the other two has actually faced lawsuits about how dubious their studies are.

What is Feedamind?

Feedamind is a new company out of Ireland that has really surged to the top of our Editor’s Picks. They’ve done so on the strength of their relying on rigorous research and rapid results. Unlike many competitors in the market, Feedamind opts for a more comprehensive, research-based formulation strategy.

Feedamind is made with a blend of 13 active ingredients, each chosen for their scientifically demonstrated potential to enhance multiple aspects of cognitive function. The formulation is designed to help you maximize your focus, memory, clarity, energy, and motivation.

By sourcing only ingredients that are effective, and making sure you get them in the proper doses, Feedamind can maintain the potency of the product and cater to those who need a cognitive boost, whether it be for long-term, tedious projects or for inspiring short-term sprints of creativity.

This thoughtful formulation and commitment to delivering real, tangible benefits have catapulted Feedamind to the forefront of nootropic supplements.

What is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a national brand that has really grabbed a hold of a “miracle” ingredient, Apoaequorin. This substance is related to the chemical in jellyfish that makes them bioluminescent. Some limited research has indicated that the Apoaequorin permutation can help with memory. The problem is that “strong evidence” also says that Apoaequorin is dissolved before it even gets to brain tissue.

Despite this, the company has aggressively marketed this product, attracting a substantial consumer base. However, with the FDA questioning their claims and effectiveness, it's a reminder to customers to look beyond the marketing hype. The simple fact that the key ingredient might not even reach the brain before being broken down casts doubt on Prevagen's overall reliability and efficacy.

What is Neuriva?

Neuriva also only uses two key ingredients in most of its formulas, Coffee Fruit Extract and a phospholipid. But they use a lot of buzzwords in their material that makes it sound like more than it is. Bottom line, their claims rely on polyphenol evidence, but polyphenols are found in literally hundreds of other products. There’s nothing unique or groundbreaking about Neuriva.

Despite its relatively generic formulation, Neuriva has managed to carve a niche for itself in the competitive market of nootropics. This is primarily due to marketing strategies that emphasize the potential of these 2 generic ingredients. While Neuriva might have a place in the cognitive supplements market, you really need to weigh it against some of the better players in the game.

How They Compare

In all honesty, the three products don’t compare at all. Feedamind has 13 ingredients with dozens of studies backing them up. Prevagen, as we’ll see later, has actually been taken to court over their scientific research, and Neuriva uses only two ingredients–ingredients also found in three of our five best-rated Nootropics.

What they Have in Common

Absolutely nothing. That’s the short answer. Getting more granular, some of the higher-end Neuriva products have some B-Vitamins and L-Theanine that Feedamind has, too. But that’s it.

I cannot stress this point enough: Feedamind has all the ingredients that leading science has provided. Prevagen and Neuriva seem to rely on the ability to spend money on late-night TV ads and getting celebrity endorsements. 

Feedamind, meanwhile, seems to have spent its money on actual research. Let’s take a dive into the evidence for and against their different formulas.

Unique Ingredients


If you’re interested in a thorough review of all of Feedamind’s 13 ingredients, I can’t recommend enough the article I wrote a while back. Our research team did a brilliant job helping me source and sift through the evidence. Here are the highlights of what we found.

  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin
    Naturally sourced from the Marigold plant, these two compounds work together to reinforce the visual-learning cortex, boosting everything from language skills to hand-eye coordination.
  • L-Theanine
    Want to boost your Brain Waves? It’s not a superhero movie, it’s just good science. This amino acid, taken as a supplement, can actually increase your Theta Brain Waves, which have led to improvements in all cognitive areas.
  • Oat Straw (Avena Sativa)
    Sometimes in a fast-paced world, we can make mental errors, have trouble remembering what we just talked about in a meeting, or even paying attention in that meeting. Oat Straw has shown in study after study to improve all of those domains, just minutes and hours after taking it.
  • Dynamine®
    Also known by its generic name, Methylliberine, this compound has been studied extensively as a possible supplement for people with attention disorders. In fact, it has been shown in research to increase focus and dive, without any jitters like stimulants cause.


Prevagen has the one key ingredient, Apoaequorin. It also contains Vitamin D, but that’s honestly something many of taking supplements are already getting more than enough of. So what does the science say about Apoaequorin? Not much.

  • Apoaequorin

    I found one research study that supports Apoaequorin for memory and learning. But then I found a lot of other red-flags. One of them is on the Harvard Medical School’s website, showcasing how the FDA has stepped in to sue Prevagen over its claims around Apoaequorin. Generally, this US agency only goes after people claiming to treat, diagnose, or cure a disease. But the FDA thought that the science behind Apoaequorin was so bad that it shouldn’t be presented to the public.

    In addition to that, a group of doctors have gotten a hold of the original data from the Apoaequorin studies, and they claim that Prevagen skewed the data to prove it works. Another source, no less than the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation has found evidence that Apoaequorin dissolves into nothing more than basic amino acids in our stomachs–long before it could ever benefit our brains.


Neuriva’s website claims they are the “only product with NeuroFactor and phospholipids.” Well, that’s easy to say when they’ve invented and trademarked the term NeuroFactor(™). NeuroFactor isn’t a thing. In fact, it’s a catch all for polyphenols, which are found in nearly every fruit and vegetable on earth. But also, yes, found in the Coffee Extract that makes up half of their “recipe.”

  • Whole Coffee Fruit Extract

    The Neuriva website uses acronyms like BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) to make it sound as if they’re more scientifically grounded than other Nootropics. But they’re not. In fact, the study that Neuriva cites as evidence of their polyphenols being good for BDNF specifically only cites seaweed, Japanese plumb, curcumin, and ellagic acid as increasing BDNF.

    The word “coffee” doesn’t appear in the entire scientific report. The one study they cite that does mention coffee also mentions green tea. Meanwhile, the previous study found that the ellagic acid found in berries, walnuts, and pecans performed best. In other words, dozens of food sources can help with BDNF–Neuriva did not corner the market.
  • Phosphatidylserine
    This is the one ingredient between Prevagen and Neuriva that I actually can get behind. This ingredient is essentially a phospholipid (a fatty substance with phosphorous) that helps build and maintain the barrier between brain cells. This improves their health, strength, and ability to absorb nutrients, and overall cognitive function. No wonder I’ve seen it in Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain, and Hunter Focus.

Side Effects

One thing all three of these products have in common: no side effects reported. Not in any of the studies I’ve read of their disparate ingredients, and nothing in the scientific literature about patient data from adverse effects. All three appear to be safe and well-tolerated.

And the Winner is… Feedamind

It’s not even really close. Prevagen relies on dubious science backing a single active ingredient, and Neuriva uses only two ingredients which you can find elsewhere, while claiming they are somehow unique.

Feedamind, meanwhile, has 13 ingredients that are all well-researched, well-founded, and well, they work. Feedamind simply has more to offer, without any of your purchase price going to slick ad campaigns or celebrity speaking spots.

For a more effective Nootropic, Feedamind takes this threeway competition, without any reservation.

Editor's Choice: Feedamind

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars




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