Can Sesamin Help with Weight Loss?

Weight loss may seem like a simple process that involves some chops and changes in diet and lifestyle, but the journey can be quite tough for some, and things like weight loss aids can be the saving grace. Over the years, I've been asked over a thousand times if natural ingredients can help push the body into fat-burning mode, like Sesamin, a compound believed to support fat-burning processes by activating receptors related to fat metabolism. But is there any truth to this? Let's find out below:

key findings

  • Sesamin is a naturally occurring compound largely found in sesame seeds and sesame oil
  • Research shows that Sesamin has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit cardiovascular health and provide metabolic support
  • The active form of Sesamin was found to influence certain receptors that regulate how your body burns calories and stores fat

Sesamin and Weight Loss

Sesamin is a naturally occurring compound found in some plant sources however, its found in large amounts in sesame seed and sesame oil. The compound forms part of a group called lignans, which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, believed to benefit cardiovascular health and provide metabolic support. 

Looking more closely at metabolic support for weight loss, the active form of Sesamin was found to activate PPAR alpha (peroxisome proliferator-activator receptor alpha), a specific receptor commonly found in muscle, heart, and liver cells. When PPAR is activated, it influences certain enzymes and genes that regulate how your body burns calories, which is where metabolic support and possible weight loss come in.

In other words, Sesamin could work like a little cheerleader for your metabolism, giving it that extra boost to help you burn through excess calories. However, you must remember that weight loss results from supplementation can differ due to different factors like:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Exercise habits
  • Overall health
  • Other factors.

Sesamin Studies 

One study investigated the Effect of Sesamin on Liver and Intestine Cells and found that the compound positively impacted the Liver X receptor (LXR), so how does it affect weight? Think of this receptor as a controller inside our cells that manages processes like:

  • Forming fat
  • Handling cholesterol
  • Dealing with inflammation.

During the study, Sesamin interacted directly with LXR, encouraging cells to avoid storing excess fat, which, of course, helps with weight loss. But that's not all – researchers also observed that Sesamin could step in when other factors trigger our cells to hoard too much fat—processes contributing to weight loss and maintenance.

A review of several studies looking into the Effect of Sesamin Supplementation on Obesity, Blood Pressure, and Lipid Profile found that Sesamin might help improve two important things: blood pressure and the levels of fats in the blood. 

This could help prevent heart and blood vessel problems. There was no direct effect on helping reduce body weight to lessen the effects of obesity noted.

Studies discussing Sesamin for weight loss are scarce, the ones I touched on focused on the direct effect of Sesamin supplementation, which is relevant, but the results were inconsistent and didn't give us definite answers to the effectiveness of Sesamin for weight loss, so, in a nutshell, science doesn't completely back its use in this respect.

Sesamin Dosage and Approach

When using Sesamin for its beneficial health effects, it's best to opt for a supplement rather than foods containing the compound because supplements contain standard doses that are easier to control, safer, and more likely to produce desired effects. There are many sesamin supplements on the market, each with its own dosage guidelines. According to my research, the recommended dosage for Sesamin is around 100-150mg daily.

Final Word

Sesamin for weight loss is a puzzle that is still being put together as solid research and investigation are underway. The current evidence doesn't give us a guaranteed tick of approval from science, which means using a Sesamin supplement as a solo weight loss aid wouldn't give you the desired results. However, it doesn't rule out the use of the aid completely. I did find that it has a positive effect on enzymes that influence fat-burning processes and improves some aspects of health, which can be supportive on a weight loss journey, so there's no harm in using a Sesamin supplement to streamline your results.

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