TestRX Review 2024 | Ingredients, Side Effects and Warnings

TestRX is a popular testosterone booster with the distinct goal of helping men build stronger muscles and a well-toned body. It aims to achieve this by naturally boosting your testosterone levels and helping your workout harder with raised energy levels.

Join us as we uncover the science behind the supplement, its ingredients, and its proposed benefits. Here’s our in-depth review of TestRX.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Boosts strength and muscle mass
  • Assists weight loss efforts and helps burn fat faster
  • Improves libido and increases sex drive

What is TestRX?

According to its official website, TestRX is a bodybuilding supplement, but not in a traditional sense. It does not pump your body with proteins and nutrients in the hope of stimulating muscle growth. 

Instead, TestRX utilizes the muscle-building power of testosterone by increasing your T levels with the help of ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin D3, and Zinc. 

Another way TestRX assists men's muscle-building goals is by increasing their energy levels, reducing fatigue, and speeding up post-workout recovery. This allows men to workout harder and more often — resulting in more rapid muscle growth.

Who Should Use TestRX?

In their own words, TestRX is for men of all ages(18+). It offers the same benefits to young adults in their 20s looking to bulk up as it does to older men past their middle ages who want to get back in shape. 

There are several studies that demonstrate the direct correlation between low testosterone levels and declining muscle mass in men. TestRX promises to counteract these symptoms by returning your T levels back to normal with the help of its most abundant ingredient; D-Aspartic acid(DAA). 

This is because D-Aspartic acid supplementation can regulate and boost the secretion of luteinizing hormones. These hormones are a critical component of T production, so an increase in their concentration signals your testes to produce more testosterone. 

The impact of this correlation between DAA and T levels was clearly observed in a 2015 study by J. Bloomer et al. The study showed how regular D-Aspartic acid supplementation can result in a 20% increase in testosterone production for men over the age of 42, after just 28 days.

TestRX Benefits:

While the primary benefit of TestRX is counteracting testosterone deficiency and restoring your T levels, it also offers several secondary benefits. These include:

Increased muscle mass

TestRX increases muscle mass by boosting your T levels since testosterone is the primary muscle-building substance in men. A 1989 study C Griggs et al. tested the impact of testosterone on muscle mass in men and concluded that testosterone increases muscle growth by accelerating muscle protein synthesis.

Improved energy levels

Studies show that men with boosted testosterone levels report higher energy levels by 52.3%. Testosterone deficiency is also linked with lower energy levels and increased fatigue. So, TestRX makes you feel more energetic by returning your T levels back to normal.

Boosted body strength

A 2010 study by Srinivas-Shankar et al. noted down the effects of testosterone treatment in intermediate-frail and frail elderly men. Their testing revealed that almost all test subjects showed significant improvements in their body strength after 6 months. This also applies to younger men where a testosterone boost can allow longer and more intense workouts.

Faster weight loss

There is strong scientific evidence to suggest that low testosterone can lead to faster weight gain and even cause obesity. This works from the other end as well where a healthy boost in T levels can accelerate fat reduction.

Enhanced libido

The relationship between male sex drive and testosterone is quite straightforward. Low testosterone levels can reduce libido and even lead to sexual disorders like infertility and erectile dysfunction. 

Fortunately, using testosterone boosters — like TestRX — can reverse these symptoms by returning your T levels within the normal range.


TestRX’s formula includes seven unique ingredients. Here’s what those ingredients do.

D-Aspartic acid — 2300 mg

D-Aspartic acid has the highest concentration in TestRX and for a good reason. We’ve already discussed how it can boost the secretion of luteinizing hormone and increase T production.

What’s surprising is just how effective it is. A 2009 study by Topo et al. shows how regular DAA intake can increase T levels by 42% in just 12 days. 

Fenugreek extract — 300 mg

Fenugreek has similar T-boosting properties as D-Aspartic acid. Studies show that Fenugreek supplementation for 12 weeks can lead to a 46% increase in T levels. Its use can also improve sex drive, energy, and sperm count.

Vitamin D3 — 1140 IU

Proper Vitamin D levels are essential for maintaining normal T levels and sexual health. A dip in Vitamin D concentration can lead to steadily declining testosterone and libido. Thankfully taking Vitamin D3 supplements can counteract these symptoms completely.

Vitamin B6 — 5 mg

Vitamin B6 doesn’t have any major impact on your testosterone levels. But, its intake can increase energy levels by regulating food metabolism. This increased energy can help you stay more active with more frequent workouts which will, in turn, accelerate your body shape goals.

Zinc — 10 mg

Zinc deficiency is a major cause of testosterone deficiency in men. A 1996 study by S Prasad et al. discovered that a low zinc diet can reduce men’s T levels by a whopping 75% after just 20 weeks. 

Luckily, these symptoms are not permanent and can be reversed with regular Zinc intake.

Magnesium — 200 mg

Magnesium offers several benefits. The most significant of these is the fact that daily Magnesium intake can significantly raise T levels for men who partake in strength training. Magnesium intake is also associated with improved athletic performance as it enhances glucose availability to your muscles.

Vitamin K2 — 20 mcg

Animal studies show that regular Vitamin K2 supplementation for five weeks can lead to a noticeable and consistent increase in T levels. While these studies were performed on rats, researchers believe that K2 has similar benefits for other mammals, including humans.

Additionally, Vitamin K2 intake is also associated with improved cardiovascular health. Though more research is needed on this subject

Pros & Cons


  • Acts as an effective bodybuilding supplement;
  • Helps with your weight loss efforts;
  • Improves sex drive and sexual performance;
  • Made at a cGMP-compliant facility in the USA;
  • Increases energy levels to allow longer workout sessions


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians;

Does TestRX Really Work?

From what we’ve seen in its list of ingredients, yes, TestRX really works. All of its ingredients have clear benefits that are backed by extensive scientific research. These benefits also line up well with the claims made by this supplement. 

Additionally, TestRX is one of the more popular testosterone boosters with tons of testimonials mentioning how it actually delivers on its promises.

When And How To Take TestRX?

TestRX requires you to take four capsules every day. You can take all four at once, but TestRX recommends taking two capsules twice a day for the best results. The best time for these is once in the morning before breakfast and the second dose in the evening, sometime before dinner.

Are There Any Side Effects?

TestRX reports zero recurring side effects for healthy adults. That said, it does not claim to be 100% safe for everyone because everyone has a unique physiology. 

People with a complicated medical history or an ongoing major illness can experience unintended effects from these supplements. If you fall in this group, consult your doctor before buying TestRX testosterone boosters. 

Also, while allergies to ingredients like Fenugreek or Vitamin K1 are exceptionally rare, they can still be an issue. So make sure you're not allergic to any of TestRX’s ingredients before consumption.

How Much Is It And Where To Buy?

You can purchase TestRX directly from their official website:

Each box of TestRX contains 120 capsules and is recommended for one month. You can purchase these boxes in four bundles and get a discount for buying in bulk.

All of the options come with completely free delivery anywhere in the USA. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee if the supplements failed to match your expectations.

Customer Reviews

TestRX customer reviews are largely positive. Most of them are focused on how T-booster supplements helped them lose excess weight and build muscle much faster than they would without them. These reviews also include plenty of older men over the age of 50 recounting how TestRX helped them feel young again. 

You can read these reviews in more detail on their official site by clicking here.

Top Alternatives:


Overall Rating: 4.9/5

  • Claims to increase testosterone levels by 44%;
  • Reduces physical and mental stress;
  • Accelerates muscle growth and fat reduction.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Speeds up the natural fat-reduction processes;
  • Improves mood, self-esteem, and confidence;
  • Helps with your weight loss and muscle-building goals.

Final Thoughts 

From what we learned throughout this review process, TestRX appears to be a solid consideration for men with testosterone deficiency. It’s an especially fitting choice for both young and older men working to build a well-toned body with stronger muscles and minimal fat concentration. 

The best part about TestRX is that its proposed benefits are not limited to passive improvements like increased T levels and boosted libido. Instead, it also offers to augment your energy levels, boost body strength, and reduce recovery time so you can be more active and spend more time working out.

Want To Try TestRX ?

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars





Is TestRX an anabolic steroid?

No, TestRX is not an anabolic steroid, far from it. Instead, it is a supplement with ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, Fenugreek extract, and Zinc that increase your T levels naturally.

How long does TestRX take to work?

According to their official website, you should start noticing energy and stamina improvements within the first month of use. Other benefits — like noticeably raised T levels and muscle growth — can take anywhere between one and three months to manifest.

Is TestRX good for building muscle mass?

Yes, TestRX increases testosterone production in your body, which — as we established earlier in the review — is the primary muscle-building hormone for men.

Do you have to cycle TestRX like some other bodybuilding supplements?

No, you do not. You should take TestRX twice every day. In fact, missing days can actually slow down its results.

Can TestRX be used in combination with other supplements?

Yes, TestRX is fully compatible with many natural bodybuilding supplements and proteins.

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