Thesis Nootropics Review 2024 | Benefits, Efficacy and WARNINGS

We’ve been excited to begin sharing Nootropics with our readers. Also called brain boosters, Nootropics are really about boosting mood, focus, memory, and more. By improving us from the neck up, a good Nootropic like Feedamind can help us improve everything else–in our workouts and our workplaces.

Thesis is more than just one Nootropic. They’re line up of supplements are designed to be an interactive experience. Whether you’re a programmer looking for Clarity, or you need Confidence for a presentation, Thesis has curated blends just for you.


Overall Rating: 4/5

  • Focused on Wellness more than sales 
  • Presents options, putting you in the driver’s seat
  • 6 Individual, rigorously tested formulas
  • Adaptable regimen–change it whenever you want

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Why Thesis Is Different

In a word, personalization. The experience with Thesis begins with an individualized survey to find out why you’re looking into Nootropics. This process is great for first-time Nootropics users, as it gives you a feel for what you can expect out of their product.

After you’re done, Thesis offers a specialized starter pack of their most effective blends, and then you and Thesis take it from there. You can switch up which blends you take, and how often, based on what works best for you. Thesis is different because their Nootropics evolve with you.

Benefits of Thesis

In addition to their flexible supplement schedule, Thesis takes great pride in the scientific formulation of their specific Nootropics. Every ingredient in every blend performs a specified function to help you reach your goals.

Tailored Blends

After completing your survey, you’ll be given a Starter Pack of 4 specific blends boosting areas where you need it most. Whether it’s the Alpha-GPC in the Clarity blend giving you optimum focus, or the Dynamine in the Motivation blend energizing your pre workout routine, each packet meets your individual needs.

Flexible Supplementation

Thesis won’t just ship you a bottle and wish you well. After your Starter Pack you can highlight which blends worked best for you, and even how much of each blend you want in your next pack. That means when you know you’ve got big projects coming up, you can reup on the Logic Blend, or when you know it’s dating season, you can add more Confidence blend to your order. You can choose from all 6 of their custom blends to maximize your results

Money-Back Guarantee

The flexibility of Thesis extends all the way through your supplement experience, even if you find that Thesis just isn’t for you. As a wellness company, they’re more interested in you finding products that work for you. If theirs don’t, just send them back for full refund of your purchase.

Ingredients And Evidence

Thesis has Six Blends, as I mentioned before. I’ll break down the two most intriguing ingredients from each, to highlight their bespoke tailoring.

➤ Clarity

Lion’s Mane – This medicinal mushroom can literally help your brain grow on the neuron level. By increasing something called the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), the Lion’s Mane in the Clarity blend can help you form better connections in your brain, for better, clearer focus.

Epicatechin – A plant compound found in everything from apples to chocolate, this incredible flavanol has been shown to improve not only thinking–but performing. Just a few years ago, Epicatechin was shown to boost executive function and calculation quickness. In the Clarity blend, Thesis has paired it with five other ingredients to maximize its efficacy.

➤ Motivation

L-Theanine – I’ve long seen this amino acid on all the best Nootropic labels, and I’m not surprised to see it in Thesis. What did surprise me was a recent study I found showing L-Theanine as exceptionally motivating. Researchers found that it can block neuronal abnormalities associated with adolescent drug use, helping even people with chronically low motivation reach their full adult potential.

Forskolin – Nothing can drag us down in the day like worry and regret. Worry about upcoming deadlines. Regret about all manner of things, from not emailing a friend back last week to lapsing on our workouts. Thesis found Forskolin, a compound of the Blue Spur Flower, that can turn the tide on our depressant reactions to emotional upheaval. In the Motivation blend, it helps keep you motivated to keep going, no matter what you’re facing. 

➤ Confidence

Magnolia Bark Extract – Nothing can wreck our performance–above the shoulders and below–like a lack of confidence. Thesis has tapped a traditional herbal medicine, Magnolia Bark, to help you keep an even keel. Recommended by psychologists to relieve anxiety episodes and lower depression, the compounds in this plant extract can even help you sleep better.

Sage Extract – We’ve all known people who try to stage their confidence–loud talkers, pushy in meetings, and know-it-alls in the gym. That’s not real confidence. Real esteem comes from inside, and form a clear mind, and scientists have demonstrated that Sage Extract can boost our insides, helping with symptoms of depression, obesity, and even dementia.

➤ Energy

Choline – By now, every reputable Nootropic manufacturer has included Choline in their formulas. That’s because it’s fundamental to neuron activity. Without Choline, we couldn’t fire a single synapse. What makes Choline in Thesis even more attractive is that studies have shown Choline intakes are drastically low among all ages of people.

TeaCrine® – A branded form of the natural compound Theacrine, TeaCrine acts as a natural brain stimulant–but without the jitters and crash. What’s more, the cognitive effects of TeaCrine are enhanced with small doses of caffeine, just as we find in Thesis’s Energy blend.

➤ Logic

Triacetyluridine – Because it’s such a mouthful, Thesis abbreviates this to just TAU, this compound is powerful enough to often be sold on its own. But Thesis compliments it with 7 other ingredients in their Logic compound to actually increase our brain’s plasticity during problem solving.

Theobromine – Another natural extract of the powerful Cocoa bean, this amino acid demonstrated remarkable results in a study of nearly 3,000 people. It showed benefits in symbol reasoning and short term memory.

➤ Creativity

Panax GinsengWe’ve written about the myriad benefits of Korean Ginseng for years, and Thesis has hit on another amazing attribute. Ginseng can help with nearly every population, especially in long-term applications. In the Creativity blend, it can boost mental focus and clarity so you can think more creatively.

AshwagandhaLong used for helping relax and enhance moods, Thesis uses it here for its proven benefits to your stress response, reaction time, and executive function. All of which keep you dialed in for long hours of brainstorming, or keeping you ready to produce when inspiration strikes, no matter what else life is throwing at you.

Who is Thesis Made For?

I usually shy away from blanket statements, but Thesis is made for quite literally everybody. It all comes back to their small packets, designed for 4-6 hours of use. You can alternate between blends within a given day to meet the unique demands of your office schedule or after-hours plans.

Pre Workout to Recreation

We’ve all been through an intense workout and felt like we had nothing left. By taking the Motivation blend beforehand, and the Energy blend after, you can meet the demands of a gym session and the group meetup afterward.

Work Nights to Date Nights

The dating scene is a minefield, and it doesn’t help that many times our only time to squeeze in some socialization seem to come after long hours in the office. With the Clarity blend for the spreadsheets followed by the Confidence blend for the other sheets, Thesis has you covered wherever your day, or night, takes you.

Final Verdict

If you’re not one for a one-pill-and-done approach, if you like the idea of taking a supplement on a per-spec basis, there really is nothing like the uniqueness of Thesis. You can mix and match your supplements on a monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. 

I recommend Thesis for anyone who demands the same flexibility in their Nootropic as they do in the rest of their lives. And a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee doesn’t hurt, either.

Want To Try Thesis?

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars




Use code 'GGW' at checkout for 10% off!


Do I have to take multiple blends?

No! In fact, the owner and founder of the company only takes two–one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Thesis allows you to take as many mixtures or as few as you like.

What if I messed up on my Quiz at the beginning?

I actually played around with this one. Just close the Thesis website, clear your cookies, and reopen the site. The whole thing will start over.

Why are some ingredients in multiple blends?

The answer is straightforward. Thesis used multiple iterations of back-to-back testing of their formulas, and they didn’t let themselves be blinded by bias. If ingredients worked for Clarity, they stayed in the formula. And some ingredients, like Choline and Caffeine, are just so versatile it would be a disservice to omit them.

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