What is TRT? | Uses, Benefits & Risks

Readers have been writing in a lot the last couple of months about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT. It even prompted me to review some of the leading TRT clinics around the US. It’s no wonder why so many men are concerned: Testosterone levels are at historic lows, and not just among aging men.

With that in mind, I thought I’d answer a few general questions about what exactly TRT is. We’ll cover how TRT works and what benefits you can expect from taking it. So let’s dive in.

What You Need to Know

  • TRT is a prescription only treatment for clinical hypogonadism, or Low-T.
  • Because it’s prescription only, you should be wary of programs promising TRT that don’t have licensed doctors.
  • TRT is generally safe for most men, though there are some side effects.
  • Benefits of TRT range from better sexual health to lower rates of obesity, better muscle tone, and more energy.
  • Some men may prefer Testosterone Supplements, as we’ll discuss at the end.

How TRT Works

TRT relies on the simple, effective model of supplying your body with Testosterone that it’s no longer producing on its own. TRT works by directly supplying your body with Testosterone. Delivery methods for the medication vary but the most common forms of TRT are:

  • Oral capsules.
  • Direct Injections.
  • Skin Patches.
  • Nasal Gels and Sprays.
  • Topical Creams and Gels.

In all cases, the delivery method is meant to supply Testosterone to your bloodstream. Most of the deliveries bypass our digestive tracts, meaning that there is no need to metabolize the hormone, first. Instead, you get the immediate effect of more Testosterone.

How Much can TRT Raise Your Testosterone?

It’s time to talk numbers. The “standard” range for healthy testosterone in men is really quite wide: 270 to 1,070 nanograms of T per deciliter of blood (ng/dL). But those numbers are pulled from a population so large and so varied that the numbers might lose their meaning.

For instance, one man may suffer from the symptoms of Low-T even though he’s in the healthy range, while another man can feel like a superhero with levels right in the middle. That’s why if you feel like you have Low-T, you should talk to a doctor right away. Only with proper blood work and diagnoses can you be sure.

As for how much of a Testosterone boost you’ll see from TRT, that depends on the delivery method and the person getting it.

  • For oral treatments, one study saw men go from 150 ng/dL all the way up to 700 ng/dL.
  • Nasal sprays and skin patches saw men get up to the mid 400s and 500s.
  • But the biggest gains have come from skin gels, where some men saw their Total T go up over 1,000 ng/dL after treatment.

Common Benefits

While every man’s body is different, and the effects of TRT will vary from person to person, there are some fairly reliable benefits that most men can expect to see from beginning TRT use. I gathered the following list from several clinical studies, doctors’ websites, and medical literature.

Sex Drive

Nearly every study of Testosterone Therapy I’ve researched mentioned an increase in libido. Some studies report noticeable changes to sex drive in as little as 21 days.

Blood Sugar Control

Because Testosterone affects so many body processes, like our metabolism, many studies have seen benefits far beyond correcting for simple Low-T. One study, in fact, saw a 20% drop in blood sugar levels after 3 months of TRT.


It’s one thing to have the drive for more intimacy, but if our bodies aren’t cooperating, it can be more frustrating than no drive at all. The good news here is that with TRT, several studies note more sustained and fuller erections after TRT, often in as little as 30 days.

Stronger Muscles

It may seem obvious to many people, but it’s worth noting that there are measured, clinically reliable strength increases following Testosterone treatment. One study saw max-rep increases after 16 weeks, and another study demonstrated that the amount of strength increase is proportional to the dose.

Lower Obesity

Because Testosterone can increase muscle activity and strength, leading to better and longer workouts, it’s no wonder that we see obesity lower in men taking TRT. For instance, one study saw almost a 3% drop in total body weight after taking Testosterone. 

Increased Bone Density

In other articles we’ve covered the multiple benefits of better T-Health, and one of them is stronger bones. This positive outcome is good news not only for fitness, but for long-term health. Injuries as we age become exacerbated by bone frailty, and can even lead to life-threatening issues. Stronger bones are seen in men after only 6 months of TRT, and some suppose bones could continue getting stronger after even three years of treatment.  

Cognitive Function

It may be that fewer men want to talk about mental decline than want to talk about physical decline. But the facts are the facts: as we age, our brains can deteriorate like any of our other muscles. Some men have suspected that lower T might be a factor, and it turns out they’re right. In a landmark study, after just 6 weeks of TRT men had significantly higher scores for all cognitive functions.

How Supplements Stack Up Against TRT

Some of you may be thinking, at this point, that TRT is the miracle you’ve been looking for. That may not be the case for everyone, though. As effective as TRT is, the results only last as long as you take Testosterone. Unlike proven T-Boosting supplements, which can actually trigger your body to make more of its own Testosterone, TRT simply puts more T into your system from the outside.

The question isn’t really “which is better?” but more “which route do you want to take?” With TRT, you will face some serious withdrawals after you stop taking it. With Supplements, you may see continued benefits with lifestyle changes.

Final Thoughts

Low T is becoming one of the most pervasive health crises of our time. And millions of men have decided to do something about it. If you have suffered from clinical hypogonadism, or fear that you have, then you should consult a doctor or TRT Clinic right away. If you’ve decided the supplement routine isn’t for you, then TRT may be the answer. The mechanisms are direct, the results could be astounding, and the speed of success couldn’t be quicker.

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