Will Boron Boost My Testosterone?

I know a lot of people that know for a fact when their iron is low. They feel faint, sometimes dizzy, and have very low energy. But I’m willing to bet no one has ever uttered the words, “I’m feeling low on Boron, today.” But Boron has been linked to several health outcomes, and recently, has been included in a number of T-Boosters like the popular ones Testo-Max and Testogen. Now it’s time to see if there’s any proof it boosts Testosterone.

What You Need to Know

  • Boron is key to the function of various reproductive cycles, including hormones like testosterone.
  • It’s been found to significantly increase testosterone in men after only one week.
  • Also plays a role in Vitamin D retention, also essential for testosterone.
  • Boron has even been seen to increase testosterone in women.

Pivotal Study

The first study of Boron and hormones actually came in the late 1980s. This was during a time when scientists were just beginning to understand that trace minerals (like aluminum and magnesium) might play a role in how certain hormones are constructed and expressed in the human body.

Studies like this helped pave the way for later work, and now it’s an accepted fact among healthcare professionals that Boron, while not classified as “essential,” does play a necessary role in hormone function.

The real breakthrough, however, came when Dr. Mohammad Reza Naghii and his team were able to clearly demonstrate that taking Boron increased free testosterone in the blood.

Follow-Up Data

In the wake of his landmark study, Dr. Naghii conducted further research, and this time tested for how, exactly, Boron was working. Establishing this mechanism has gone a long way toward dismissing claims that there is only a correlation, not a cause.

Dr. Naghii was able to show that only 3 hours after Boron supplementation, the mineral was breaking up sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG). If you’re not familiar, almost all of the testosterone in men’s bodies is bound up in red blood cells, called SHBG. By breaking them up, Boron is literally freeing testosterone into the body.

The total results of this experiment were that after only one week, all the men taking Boron had significantly higher levels of free testosterone than those who didn’t.

Another team of researchers just two years ago showed that this Boron-testosterone effect can have significant strength outcomes as well, with even trained athletes seeing a boost to performance. 

Vitamin D

Last, but not least, we have a literature review, collating data from several Boron studies, that showed this mineral can help with Vitamin D retention. I’ll break it down further in a future article, but for now, you should know that when Vitamin D drops, so does testosterone – especially if it’s related to sunlight.

That makes Boron doubly effective–by breaking down the SHBG and freeing up testosterone, and by helping you keep your vital Vitamin D.

Final Call

There are a lot of “miracle” ingredients. People taking their machetes through the jungles of the Amazon, looking for hidden herbs. But then there are simple ingredients, right under our noses, fully capable of helping anyone get their T back. Born seems to be one of those ingredients. It’s no wonder I see it on all the best T-Boosters on the market; it works, and it works fast.

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