ZMA vs Testosterone Boosters | Which One Is Better?

If you're looking to enhance athletic performance, build muscle, or improve your overall health, you've probably come across the terms ZMA and testosterone boosters. Both of these supplements have gained popularity in the fitness industry, promising to boost testosterone levels and help you achieve your fitness goals. But do the respective formulas support this, and are the use of these products interchangeable?  

Let's dive in and find out below:

What are ZMA and Testosterone Boosters?

ZMA is a dietary supplement often used by athletes and bodybuilders. It contains a combination of three different ingredients—Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. Each ingredient in the formula has a specific function. Let's look at this in more detail below:

Zinc Monomethionine

This form of zinc is bound to methionine and plays a role in body functions such as immune function, protein synthesis, and wound healing.

Magnesium Aspartate

This form of magnesium is bound to aspartic acid and plays a role in protein synthesis, bone health, muscle, and nerve function.

Vitamin B6

This water-soluble vitamin plays a role in protein metabolism, immune function, and the production of neurotransmitters.

Moving onto testosterone boosters, these are supplements designed to naturally increase testosterone production in the body. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a primary role in developing male sex organs, bone density, muscle mass, and recovery. It also maintains energy levels, moods, and libidos.

Testosterone boosting supplements are typically made using a blend of natural ingredients. Some of the common ingredients include:

This amino acid is found naturally in the body. It stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone, which increases testosterone production.

This plant extract also increases testosterone levels by promoting the production of the luteinizing hormone.

This ingredient stops testosterone from converting into estrogen, allowing it to remain in the bloodstream longer and carry out its function for longer.

This fat-soluble vitamin is vital for bone health and immune function. In its active form, it is also a steroid hormone essential for male sexual function and better testosterone concentrations.

Comparison of ZMA and T-Boosters

ZMA supplements and T-Boosters are often grouped in the same category due to their effects and target market however, these products aren't exactly the same. Let's explore this more through comparison below:


Studies and research conducted on ZMA and testosterone boosters produce similar results. Evidence shows consistent ZMA supplementation increases free testosterone levels, muscle strength, and growth. 

The efficacy of testosterone boosters also had some positive findings, with research showing that certain blends can improve testosterone levels while improving muscle growth, recovery, and libidos. 

Although these studies produced positive results on ZMA and testosterone booster use, their efficacy can't be confirmed. Their effectiveness may depend on various factors such as age, sex, diet, and exercise habits. In the case of testosterone boosters, efficacy also depends on the blend of ingredients used.


ZMA and testosterone boosters are not subject to FDA approval because they are classified as dietary supplements. However, they must adhere to good manufacturing practices and accurately label their products—transparency of formulas. 

The FDA can take enforcement action against manufacturers who make false or misleading claims about their products. Although FDA scrutiny is firm, some supplements slip through the cracks. 

We suggest caution when using both ZMA supplements or T-boosters because the claims made by these products can sometimes be exaggerated, especially T Boosters. It's best to thoroughly examine the ingredient volume and, in T-Boosters' case, ingredient type and volume to see if they can produce the claimed benefits.


  • ZMA Supplements The benefits of ZMA stem straight from its 3 ingredient formula, which has been shown to increase testosterone levels. The boost in testosterone levels leads to improved muscle strength and growth. The magnesium and zinc components speed up muscle recovery and improve sleep quality, leading to better recovery and performance. All ZMA supplements can also be used by both genders, making them quite flexible.
  • Testosetrone Boosters Testosterone boosters help increase testosterone levels, directly leading to strength and muscle mass improvements. When testosterone levels peak, red blood cell production improves, which supports energy boosts and better performance. Testosterone boosters also contain a range of other ingredients which help enhance sexual functionality, moods, and overall health and well-being.

Some common T-Boosters that produce these benefits include TestoPrime, Testo-Max, and TestoGen

Although T-Boosters have a longer benefit list, their use is gender limited. Some boosters support men-only use, while others can be used by both men and women.

Can ZMA be considered a type of Testosterone Booster?

While ZMA does contain zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, which are all important for testosterone production and muscle function, it is not a testosterone booster in the traditional sense. ZMA supplements indirectly affect testosterone levels by promoting healthy sleep and reducing stress.

Supplements aimed at testosterone elevation typically contain ingredients that directly affect hormones that increase testosterone production, support testosterone release, or stop testosterone conversion into estrogen.

So, the indirect nature of how ZMA supplements work knocks it off the testosterone booster list. Although ZMA supplements can't be used or substituted as a testosterone booster, they are quite effective as a dietary supplement that supports overall health and fitness goals.

Potential Alternatives to ZMA and Testosterone Boosters

The common thread between ZMA and testosterone boosters is their effect on fitness and muscle-building goals. Both products have been known for supporting processes that help improve muscle growth-strength, accelerate muscle recovery, and boost energy levels. Based on these core effects, we suggest that the best alternative to these products are:


Pre-workout supplements typically contain stimulant components that boost energy levels, endurance, and stamina. This helps users power through workouts, leading to better performance, strength—muscle building, and recovery.

Fat burners

Fat burners typically contain ingredients that increase metabolisms and reduce appetites, which help reduce fat levels in the body. This, in turn, supports better energy levels and muscle-defining potential. The formulas also contain ingredients that improve performance and support higher-intensity exercises, leading to muscle building.


Although ZMA and testosterone boosters share some of the same benefits, their formulas differ, and their use is not interchangeable. After looking more in-depth, I found that ZMA supplements cannot be used as testosterone boosters because they do not directly boost testosterone levels, but they can be used to improve athletic performance and overall health. It's best to consider your individual needs and consult a healthcare professional before adding either supplement to your lifestyle.

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