Best Fat Burners in Canada 2024 | Most Effective Weight Loss Pills On The Market

If you're on a mission to shed stubborn pounds and optimize your fitness journey, you've probably stumbled across several fat burners which claim to do the job. The search for the ideal fat burner that is both safe and effective can be hard, though, so I delved into the realm of fat burners for you to unveil the top contenders that have gained recognition in the Canadian market. Below we'll explore crucial factors such as primary ingredients, benefits, and more to help you make an informed decision.



Best Overall

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

- Stops fat production and storage and reduces cravings.

- Triggers thermogenesis and extends fat burning.

- Maintains muscle mass and aids in muscle toning.

Capsiplex Burn

best for energy

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

- Helps stop new fat cells from forming.
- Regulates blood sugar levels and metabolism.
- Increases physical and mental energy.

PhenQ PM 

best nighttime fat burner

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

- Slows down weight gain that happens while we sleep.

- Helps reduce morning grogginess and midnight cravings. 

Supports better sleep quality and duration.

1. PhenQ

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement created by Wolfson Brands Limited. The product was specifically designed to target and eliminate fat cells from five core regions of the body that are most susceptible to fat accumulation. The all-natural formula aims to produce effects from several weight loss pills, so you don't have to scoff down different pills to achieve weight loss goals. I think this is a feature that can definitely benefit those looking for holistic weight loss. 

The fat burner speeds up lagging metabolisms and triggers a natural fat-burning process through thermogenesis. It also reduces cravings and hunger pangs while decreasing appetites, which lowers calorie intake and stops excess fat from being created. PhenQ also has a vegan-friendly formula, making it a versatile and inclusive option for anyone looking to shed excess weight.

With all these benefits, I can see why PhenQ is often considered an 'all-in-one' fat burner. Some of its other claims include:

  • Suppress overactive appetites
  • Support continuous fat-burning
  • Stamina and endurance improvement
  • Converting fat into energy—less fat storage
  • Support muscle mass development, maintenance, and toning


  • Regulates energy and metabolism levels.
  • Supports muscle development and maintenance.
  • Lowers calorie intake, suppresses appetites and cravings.
  • Triggers thermogenesis, blocks fat storage/production.


  • High caffeine content might negatively affect sensitive users.
  • Maximum effects are only achieved with a combined diet and exercise plan.


One of the first ingredients that caught my eye in the PhenQ formula is A-Lacy Reset. This patented ingredient combines alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, and cysteine to ensure you maintain a calorie deficit for maximum weight loss. It also accelerates metabolisms, suppresses hunger pangs, and stops fat formation, a triple threat if ever I saw one. The formula also has caffeine which supports the effects of A-Lacy Reset while providing an energy boost for increased fat reduction.

Customer Reviews

Why Buy PhenQ

In my opinion, PhenQ offers a unique advantage in fat burning by combining the effects of multiple fat burners, all without causing any unwanted side effects. The formula is potent enough to produce noticeable results, making it great for those seeking quick and visible progress. PhenQ also continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours after workouts, giving you extended benefits and maximizing your efforts. PhenQ also prioritizes muscle mass preservation, ensuring your hard-earned gains are not compromised.

If you want to read more about PhenQ, check out our review here. 

2. Capsiplex Burn

Burn by Capsiplex is a weight loss aid that claims to maximize fat-burning in men by targeting metabolisms to control glucose levels, burn fat, and increase energy. The 'burn' factor comes from boosts in internal heat production (thermogenesis) which force the body to melt fat, using calories for energy rather than storage. 

The all-natural blend helps you enter shredding phases without losing muscle mass or bulk, a great feature that enhances the male physique. Burn also supports intense forms of exercise like HIIT by improving focus and motivation, which I found can boost testosterone levels, a definite plus for your overall health.

The  product also claims to:

  • Limit food and sugar cravings
  • Slows down the production of new fat cells
  • Preserve muscle while eliminating fat around muscles


  • Supports better exercise performance;
  • Converts fat to energy and stops fat formation;
  • Induces thermogenesis for natural fat burning;


  • Caffeine content is high, so side effects are more likely to occur.


It comes as no surprise that the main component in Capsiplex is capsicum. The ingredient produces core effects that help reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat there is in your body. It works by inducing thermogenesis to facilitate calorie burns. The fat burner also contains the amino acid tyrosine, which helps push your body and mind during a workout—maximum fat loss and muscle development-toning.

Customer Reviews

Why Buy Capsiplex Burn

Burn has an excellent composition that helps the body reach peak fat burning without affecting muscle mass. The unique blend helps achieve permanent weight loss by reducing fatty cells, preventing weight regain. Some ingredients in the formula also have dual uses and double up to bridge nutritional gaps, which is ideal when you're on a special diet.

If you want to read more about Capsiplex Burn, check out our review here.   

3. PhenQ PM

Designed and manufactured by Wolfson Brands, PhenQ PM is a weight loss supplement that supports fat loss using a blend of natural ingredients. Unlike other fat burners, which take the traditional 'energy boosting and appetite suppressing' approach to eliminating stubborn fat, PhenQ PM takes a different route. The formula aims to trigger your body's natural fat-burning cycle while resting, which essentially means burning fat while you sleep. I see this as an effective approach that can move those excess pounds for weight loss and toning.

PhenQ PM claims to:

  • Convert fat into energy—more energy, less fat storage
  • Reduce cravings by improving sleep quality and decreasing stress
  • Accelerate fat metabolism by improving the secretion of growth hormones
  • Regulate metabolic rates which slow down weight gain—prevent weight regain


  • Naturally improves sleep quality;
  • Triggers weight loss in a non-invasive way;
  • Boosts metabolisms while the body is resting ;
  • Blend offers rapid results (typically noticeable within the first two weeks of use);


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.


PhenQ PM contains quite a unique blend of ingredients that simultaneously helps promote sleep and burn fat. Two of the ingredients that piqued my interest were L-Arginine and Chromium. L-Arginine boosts the secretion of growth hormones, speeding up fat metabolisms and promoting better athletic performance. Chromium, on the other hand, regulates blood sugar levels, eliminating nighttime cravings.

Why Buy PhenQ PM

One of the most distinctive features of PhenQ PM is, of course, its ability to burn fat at night without causing any side effects. The supplement produces noticeable results in short time frames which is great for those looking to eliminate stubborn fat fast. The formula also contains a blend of ingredients that support better quality sleep which helps with weight loss and better mind-body functioning.

If you want to read more about PhenQ PM, check out our review here. 

4. Capsiplex Trim

Another dietary supplement offered by Capsiplex is Trim, a natural weight loss supplement designed to support the female body in fat loss and fitness journeys. The product induces thermogenesis to break down fat for energy and rev up metabolisms, setting weight loss and muscle toning into motion in a non-invasive and efficient way. It also claims to crush unhealthy cravings and reduce appetites, a common cause of hormone imbalances and weight gain that can sometimes be left unaddressed.

The supplement also claims to:

  • Preserve muscle mass
  • Support intense physical training, exercise, workouts
  • Lower body fat percentages, positively affecting female health
  • Attack fat by using stored fat as energy—enhanced energy, decreased fat
  • Fight fatigue by supplying your body with the nutrients it needs for energy


  • Moves stubborn fat.
  • Gentle on the stomach.
  • Triggers natural thermogenic properties.
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten, soy, and dairy free.


  • Requires consistent use and lifestyle changes.


Like most Capsiplex branded products, the primary ingredient in Trim is capsicum extract, which is known for its thermogenic properties that boost metabolisms, burn calories and increase energy levels. It also contains Innoslim, a patented ginseng and astragalus blend that supports fat burning, reduces the number of calories you absorb, and helps with muscle building.

Why Buy Capsiplex Trim

Who doesn't like the promise of fast results, especially when they're backed by ingredients that work? Trim offers a natural approach to weight management with strong thermogenic properties that can provide rapid calorie burns and fat loss. The product is also formulated to be gentle on the tummy while still remaining effective, which is a definite plus in my book.

If you want to read more about Trim, check out our review here. 

5. Hourglass Fit

Created by Roar Ambition, Hourglass Fit is a female-focused fat burner that helps remove stubborn fat from the midsection to help you achieve an hourglass figure. Now, we know that targeted weight loss using a supplement is just not realistically possible however, you can set the stage for achieving this shape easier, and I think that's exactly what this product does. The Hourglass formula contains natural ingredients that contain plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins which essentially use 3 core approaches to eliminate stubborn fat—increased metabolisms, appetite suppression, and thermogenesis.

The product also claims to:

  • Convert excess fat into energy
  • Provide a stimulant-free energy boost
  • Lower stress and anxiety hormones which support weight gain
  • Reduce mental and physical fatigue for better exercise performance


  • Caffeine free—low side effect rate;
  • Reduces stress, fatigue, and appetites;
  • Supports thermogenesis and reduces fat storage.


  • A diet and exercise plan must be followed for results.


I found that the Hourglass has two heavy hitters in its formula that have been proven to help with weight loss—Glucomannan and Capsimax. These ingredients carry out its core approaches. Glucomannan stimulates fat burning by creating a false sense of fullness to lower calorie intakes, reducing appetites, and Capsimax boosts diet-induced thermogenesis, which increases the metabolism after you eat, so you burn fat faster.

Why Buy Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit has a balanced formula that can stimulate fat-burning processes when combined with a diet and exercise plan. The formula is stimulant free, which is a rare find in the world of fat burning but still manages to give users an energy boost, definitely, a feature you'd want if you are sensitive or not a fan of caffeine.

If you want to read more about Hourglass, check out our review here. 


These fat burners are the crème de la crème in their category in my books. After thoroughly examining their formulations, it's clear that these supplements cater to various weight loss objectives, making them incredibly versatile for a wide range of individuals. These fat burners also double up as a nutritional aid, promoting overall health and well-being. So, whether you want to get rid of large amounts of weight or want to shred, tone, and achieve better muscle definition, these fat burners can help you get there.

Best Fat Burner: PhenQ

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars




Frequently Asked Questions

Can natural fat burners be used long-term?

Yes, they can. However, individual circumstances like underlying health issues and medication use must be assessed to avoid unwanted side effects and risks. Long-term use needs to be cycled (take breaks after every couple of weeks) so you don't build tolerance and the fat burner remains effective.

How long does it take to achieve noticeable results from fat burner use?

The timeframe for seeing results from fat burner use varies from one person to another depending on factors such as your metabolism, diet, exercise, and the specific product being used. Generally, it may take 4-6 weeks to see noticeable changes in weight or body composition.

Can fat burners help spot-reduce fat in specific areas?

No, fat burners cannot target specific areas for fat loss. They work by promoting overall fat loss and boosting metabolism, but the body decides where it loses fat. A comprehensive approach combining fat burners, exercise, and a healthy diet is recommended to reduce fat in specific areas.

Can anyone use fat burners?

While natural fat burners are generally safe for most individuals, it's important to consider any pre-existing medical conditions, medication used, or allergies before using them. You should consult a health care professional before starting use to be sure you don't possess any risk factors.

Can fat burners replace exercise and a healthy diet?

Fat burners are not a substitute for exercise and a balanced diet. They complement a healthy lifestyle and enhance weight loss efforts when combined with regular physical activity and nutritious eating habits.

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