Transparent Labs Vitality Review 2024 | Benefits, Efficacy & WARNINGS

A few people I know have reached out to me about Transparent Lab’s T-Booster, Vitality. These folks already used Transparent Labs for their protein and fat-burner needs, but they asked, “Does that mean I can trust Vitality with my T-Levels?”

The short answer is yes. In this review I’ll break down the formula Transparent Labs uses, and why some of its ingredients show promise where others have fallen short.

Transparent Labs Vitality

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

  • Aims to balance hormone levels naturally and support physical and mental wellness. 
  • Straightforward formula and optimized for bioavailability.
  • With key ingredients like zinc, ashwagandha & shilajit, it shows promise in supporting T levels, improving sperm quality, and promoting overall testis health.

What is Transparent Labs Vitality?

More and more companies are looking to build their brands through integrated health solutions. In basic terms, supplement makers are trying to make themselves a one-stop-shop for all your nutrition needs. The approach has value–it means you can get your protein mixes, fat-burner, and T-Booster... all in one spot.

With Transparent Labs, their Vitality Testosterone supplement takes the same holistic approach, by helping you balance all of your hormone levels naturally. Vitality also helps support your physical and mental wellness, which play an integral part in our T-Health.


  • 4.7 Stars out of 5 verified reviews.
  • Straightforward formula.
  • Easy to use–only 2 capsules.
  • Optimized bioavailability.


  • Alternative ingredients may give some people pause.
  • Best prices require subscription.

Benefits of Transparent Labs Vitality

Transparent Labs already makes a full line of high-quality supplements, so they can apply their best practices to producing Vitality. These practices include developing strong relationships with ingredient suppliers, having all their supplements third-party tested, and employing in-house scientists for accurate and effective dosing.

Tested by Third Parties

Transparent Labs is led by a board of 8 doctors and scientists with degrees in public health, nutrition, and sports medicine. Because of their scientific background, this board knows the value of verifying data. That’s why every product, including Vitality, is submitted to third-party analysis.

Total Hormone Health

In all the articles on Testosterone that I’ve written and edited at Great Green Wall, I try to emphasize the nuances. For instance, the difference between Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone. Transparent Labs gets these nuances, and that’s why Vitality is made to support your T-Levels by regulating damaging estrogen and cortisol.

High Bioavailability

It may sound basic, but some supplement makers have forgotten a primary rule of supplements: if your body can’t absorb it, it can’t use it. It’s no surprise given their advisement by dietitians and nutritionists, but Vitality has one of the most bioavailable formulas on the market. Simply put, you can absorb the ingredients in Vitality better, for faster results.


Now we get to brass tacks. Vitality has a lean 8 ingredient formula, all optimized to work together for one goal–better Testosterone health.

Zinc (with L-Methionine)

Here at the Great Green Wall we’ve done exhaustive research into T-Boosting ingredients, and one of the most successful of all of those ingredients is Zinc. It is absolutely essential for good T-Health. But Transparent Labs goes one step further. By pairing Zinc with Methionine, they’ve made it significantly more bioavailable.


Any reader of ours probably knows at this point that we have found strong evidence for Ashwagandha supporting Testosterone production. One mechanism of that is how it can tamp down on the stress hormone Cortisol, which is released when we’re anxious or even when we exercise. What Transparent Labs has understood is that by helping keep your Cortisol low during exercise, your Testosterone production can really ramp up.


This powerful plant compound has a variety of sources, and is generally responsible in chemistry for a plant’s color. It has recently been discovered that as an antioxidant it has powerful protective qualities. Transparent Labs has recognized, as have many scientists, that a leading cause of low-T is oxidative and toxic stress on our Leydig cells. One recent study showed that Quercetin can protect those cells, resulting in better Testosterone, sperm quality, and testis health.


Shilajit has a troubled history because finding a source with a consistent chemical composition can be difficult. Transparent Labs alleviates this concern by going with PrimaVie, a Shilajit source consistent enough to have earned several US patents. This Shilajit has even been clinically tested to increase Testosterone.

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

DIM is a plant compound found in nearly every green vegetable. Some recent scholarship indicates that it may be helpful in metabolizing estrogen, thus helping you keep more balanced hormone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Many men take T-Boosters to offset the natural decline in hormone levels over time. In a month-long study, 90.8% of men had higher T-Levels than before.


I’ve touted the importance of essential vitamins and minerals for everything from proper metabolism for fat-burning to naturally boosting T-Levels. One of those secret weapon minerals is Boron–essential for Testosterone production, and for keeping your Vitamin D levels up.


Bioperine is a trademarked form of the element in Black Pepper that helps us absorb more nutrients through our digestive tract. That means you get more effect from every ingredient in Transparent Labs Vitality.

Does Transparent Labs Vitality Really Work?

There are several ways to evaluate the efficacy of a supplement. Two ways that provide the most consistently accurate data are formula examination and verified data from users. In the first case, I can say that most of the ingredients in Transparent Labs Vitality have a solid scientific track record of improving Total T-Levels. In the second case, Transparent Labs has 134 Verified 4 and 5 star reviews. The only knocks from users are from potential allergies (see Side Effects below).

Who Should Try Vitality

Honestly, if you’re looking for an all-in-one supplement maker, I highly recommend visiting Transparent Labs for their Vitality T-Booster and all of your other work-out needs. Anyone who likes to grab all they need on one site should try Vitality for themselves.

Top Alternatives

If you happen to discover that Vitality isn't quite what you're looking for, I'd be happy to suggest some other products that I've personally reviewed and found to be outstanding performers. These options have really impressed me in the past so have a look below:


Overall Rating: 5/5

- Our Top Editor’s Pick, year on year.

 - 2,000 mg of clinically proven D-Aspartic Acid for a complete boost of testosterone levels

 - Burns fat and builds muscle.

Prime Male

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

 - Nettle Root for natural testosterone boosting.

 - Has all three T-Essential Minerals (Boron, Zinc, Magnesium).

 - Powerful dose of Vitamin D, essential for T-Production.


Overall Rating: 4.6/5

 - Max levels of D-Aspartic acid for rapid muscle growth.

 - Lean formula for focused and efficient results.

 - Best results for the gym-oriented among us.

Side Effects

While I’ve independently verified through research that none of the ingredients here have side effects, there were a few reviews claiming adverse reactions to taking this supplement. It’s possible that these individuals had a pre-existing condition that was triggered by one or two ingredients in Vitality. As a general rule, I always advise people to consult their physician, ingredient list in hand, and then monitor their health when taking a new supplement.

Final Word

Transparent Labs Vitality shows some real promise. Their company ethos is to bring together experts from a wide range of studies for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. This really shows through in their Vitality product, which focuses as much on your body’s ability to actually use their ingredients as they are focused on including the ingredients in the first place.

Want To Try Vitality?

Overall Rating: 
4.6/5 stars




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