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A testosterone supplement can come in handy when you are looking to grow muscle, increase strength, improve stamina or just get your testosterone back to normal levels. But which supplement should you go for? That can be a difficult question given the hundreds of products in the market. TestoPrime is one of the more prominent names in the industry. We took a closer look at its strengths and weaknesses to determine whether it just could be the testosterone supplement you need.


Overall Rating: 5/5

  • Top choice in Best Testosterone Boosters list
  • 12 natural and potent ingredients
  • Increase energy, stamina and strength
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews from users

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What is TestoPrime?

TestoPrime is a testosterone supplement that claims its mix of a dozen ingredients including the anchor component d-aspartic acid (D-AA) will deliver a testosterone boost of as much as 44%. As a result of this testosterone rise, users can expect to experience noticeable gains in physical strength, lean muscle, endurance, fat metabolism, weight loss, injury healing, task concentration, sleep and libido. 

TestoPrime promises a significant energy boost even on those days where you are involved in mentally and physically exhausting activity.


  • Expands lean muscle mass and physical strength while speeding up injury healing.
  • Contains 12 scientifically-backed and natural ingredients
  • Eliminates extra fat.
  • Enhances energy levels, endurance and sex drive.
  • Lowers stress and elevates self-confidence.
  • Manufactured in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities in the UK and US.


  • Few people are likely to attain the high percentage gains in muscle strength (up to 138.7%) and endurance (up to 92.2%) that TestoPrime promises.
  • Only available on the official website.

About the Brand

TestoPrime is manufactured by Wolfson Brands, a UK-based health and beauty company. Wolfson Brands was founded over a decade ago. It has, in a relatively short time, carved a reputation as a leading player in the industry. Apart from TestoPrime, other products made by the company include NooCube, PhenQ and Testo-Max.

How Does TestoPrime Work? 

TestoPrime, unlike synthetic testosterone, works by naturally stimulating the body to produce higher levels of testosterone hormone. By promoting the natural production of testosterone, TestoPrime supports multiple body processes that rely on this hormone. These include muscle growth, helping achieve a more sculpted physique, and enhancing overall athleticism.

Additionally, TestoPrime possesses the added benefit of inhibiting the production of cortisol, the stress-related hormone, which can further contribute to improved physical performance and well-being.

Benefits of Taking TestoPrime

Increased Endurance

Whether your typical day is spent in an office, classroom, running errands or doing housework, the end of your day is likely to be accompanied by tiredness. The fatigue is likely to be exacerbated in persons battling low testosterone. TestoPrime improves endurance through pomegranate extract, fenugreek seed extract and ashwagandha root extract, vitamin B6 and vitamin D3. 

In a 20-day study of 19 men and women, participants that were put on pomegranate extract demonstrated better blood flow and had slower onset of exercise fatigue. An 8-week study involving 60 healthy male subjects involved in resistance training reported endurance improvement after fenugreek supplementation. A study of 50 healthy athletic adults over 8 weeks found ashwagandha supplementation improved endurance. 

Fat Loss

Muscle growth without a corresponding or faster drop in excess fat is bound to make it harder for you to attain your ideal physique. TestoPrime speeds up fat loss through fenugreek seed extract, ashwagandha root extract and garlic extract.

In one 8-week study involving 60 healthy men, those placed on fenugreek supplementation showed greater reduction in body fat and without a loss of muscle strength. An 8-week study involving 52 subjects found that ashwagandha supplementation improved weight loss. A review of 13 clinical trials found that garlic supplementation helped reduce waistlines.

Stress Management

A sculpted physique looks good. While this is great for your self-confidence, it is not automatic correlation. Bodybuilders and pro athletes are not immune from stress. A good testosterone supplement should take care of what people see and what they do not. TestoPrime contains the stress-managing ingredient panax ginseng extract. 

6-week study involving 63 highly stressed subjects showed significant reduction in stress among those placed on panax ginseng. 


D-aspartic acid (2,000 mg)

Considered an ‘anchor ingredient’ in testosterone supplements, D-AA has been shown to increase free testosterone levels, enhance muscle growth and accelerate excess fat loss.

Fenugreek seed extract (Equivalent to 800 mg)

A herb used for thousands of years as food and medicine, its seed plays important roles in testosterone production, metabolism, strength, fat loss, sexual health, physical/mental energy and self-confidence.

Green tea extract (Equivalent to 4000 mg)

Sometimes classified as a superfood, green tea’s long list of health benefits include a testosterone lift and prostate health. It slows the conversion of testosterone to  dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is associated with an elevated risk of prostate cancer, prostate enlargement and hair loss. 

Ashwagandha root extract (Equivalent to 668 mg)

Ashwagandha is an evergreen herb with an extensive history in ayurvedic medicine. Its root is known to deliver sizable gains in fertility, muscle mass, fat loss, cardiorespiratory endurance, digestion and brain function.

Zinc (40 mg)

A micronutrient that is essential for sexual function, even a relatively small decline in zinc may cause a significant drop in fertility. It boosts protein synthesis, muscle mass, injury healing and immunity.

Panax ginseng extract (Equivalent to 8000 mg)

Also referred to as Asian ginseng or Korean red ginseng, panax ginseng has antioxidants that improve testosterone levels, enhances sex drive and regulates dopamine.

Garlic extract (Equivalent to 1600 mg)

A food whose cultivation goes as far back as ancient Egypt, garlic has a positive impact on free testosterone, immunity, fat loss and bone health. 

Pomegranate extract (Equivalent to 360 mg)

A fruit with Mediterranean origins, it enhances the efficiency of blood flow. The result is an increase in endurance and libido as well as a reduction in fatigue.

Vitamin B5 (8 mg) 

Mixed in TestoPrime as calcium pantothenate, this B-complex vitamin supports the conversion of fat into energy, weight loss and testosterone regulation. 

Black pepper Extract (6.68 mg)

 A bioefficacy and bioavailability enhancer, black pepper can increase the body’s absorption of TestoPrime’s other ingredients by up to 200 percent.

Vitamin B6 (5.6 mg)

 Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is an important driver of cardiovascular function, hemoglobin production, testosterone regulation, physical/mental energy, cognitive health and lowered fatigue.

Vitamin D (26.68 mcg)

 A vitamin known to improve the absorption and retention of calcium, it supports bone density, immunity, endurance, physical strength, testosterone regulation and cognitive function.

When And How To Take TestoPrime?

Take four TestoPrime pills once a day. This should preferably be in the morning before breakfast. A TestoPrime bottle has 120 pills that should last 30 days.

Are There Any Side Effects?

TestoPrime is manufactured from natural, clinically tested ingredients. Some have a history of use as food and/or medicine going back millenia. This is largely why TestoPrime, if used as per manufacturer recommendation on dose, is not known to have any side effects. 

That said, each individual has a unique biochemistry. As a precaution, contact your doctor before getting onto TestoPrime. Do not take the supplement without doctor’s approval if you have been diagnosed with kidney illnesses, cardiovascular problems, prostate disease or diabetes. The same rule applies if you are below 18 or on long-term medication. 

Stop using the supplement immediately after experiencing an adverse reaction.

Cost, Shipping & Returns

A TestoPrime bottle has 120 pills, which is enough for a month. 

If you buy a 2-month supply, they give you one more free. Now, if you buy a 3-month supply, they give you 2 free bottles, brining the savings up to $200, so that's definitely the most recommendable package.

All orders get free shipping worldwide. Also, TestoPrime has an ambitious lifetime money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get your money back, no questions asked. 

You can buy TestoPrime on the official website ony.

Customer Reviews

Unlike some of its peers, TestoPrime does not have many public customer reviews. It even goes against the widespread industry habit of having reviews on the product’s official website. That said, the limited number of reviews show mostly positive experiences. Changes buyers report include reduced fat, increased strength, quicker healing from injury, higher energy, diminished stress, enhanced mood, sharper concentration, better sleep and stronger erections.

Final Thoughts

As with any testosterone booster, TestoPrime is no silver bullet. To its credit though, it does score fairly well when compared to its industry peers including its ability to increase physical strength and reduce stress. Still, TestoPrime is not meant to work on its own but rather complements healthy lifestyle habits. To extract optimal benefit from the supplement, you have to consistently adhere to a good diet, regular exercise and adequate rest.

Want To Try TestoPrime?

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars




Frequently Asked Questions

Is TestoPrime the right testosterone booster for me?

TestoPrime’s ingredient blend is formulated to have a positive effect on the average person looking to increase muscle mass, grow strength and improve testosterone levels. It is likely to work for you. Still, its efficacy is dependent on your adherence to health lifestyle habits.

Is TestoPrime a bodybuilding supplement?

No. TestoPrime is not a bodybuilding supplement. However, it increases your testosterone levels, something that leads to growth in muscle mass.

How soon should I see changes?

The manufacturer advises that you should expect to see noticeable changes after a few weeks of daily use. That said, how soon it happens will vary from person to person depending on how low their testosterone levels were at the start.

Can I use TestoPrime with other testosterone supplements?

Yes. But you should not. It’s always best to work with one supplement at a time especially if it’s the first time you are using a testosterone booster. That way, you can know if the product is working for you or not. Using more than one testosterone supplement at a time may also inadvertently exceed the recommended daily values of shared ingredients. This could lead to nutrient toxicity.

Does TestoPrime contain any stimulants?

No. TestoPrime does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants. Stimulants may cause a surge in positive mood and cognitive performance but that is usually followed some hours later by an energy crash.

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