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Sometimes a product’s popularity can fool us. When we see that something has sold “millions of bottles,” we may think to ourselves that only a product that works can sell so well. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

When someone brought up to me that Prime Test, made by Prime Labs, was one of the best-selling T-Boosters on the market, I expected to find an air-tight formula with scientifically backed doses. Instead, I found a label with no transparency, and several highly questionable ingredients. So let’s dig in and see how Prime Test stacks up to the evidence, and whether their sales are all hot air.

 Prime Test

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

  • Prime Test uses several unproven ingredients, including extracts from bull testicles.
  • Some research turned up that Prime Labs gives away bottles for good reviews, which may be artificially inflating their sales.
  • Other proven T-Boosters offer more safe, reliable, and scientifically backed formulas that could be better worth your time.

Who is Prime Labs?

Prime Labs has founded their company on the premise that their products are founded in science. They even have a tab right at the top of their website proudly proclaiming “The Science.” Problem is, there’s no scientific study or proof cited on this page. They don’t offer much in the way of who they are or what they stand for outside of helping men live their “optimal life,” and offering “vitality-boosting supplements.”

I notice that they don’t actually use the word “Testosterone” on any page of their website. That is to say they don’t actually claim to boost your hormone levels, a telling omission that seems to indicate they know their product doesn’t increase Testosterone.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely affordable – almost suspiciously so.
  • Vegan, GMO-free, and no artificial ingredients.
  • Money-back guarantee (but no details are listed, like how many days you have to try the product).


  • Uses bull-testicle extract. Weird, and also not founded in any real science.
  • Ingredients aren’t listed by ingredient–no way to know how much of anything is in there.
  • Only five reviews are listed on their website, odd for being such a “best seller.”

Best Alternatives

If you’ve read enough about Prime Test, and want to move on right away to something formulated with quality ingredients proven to increase Testosterone, I don’t blame you. Here are the tried-and-true supplements we’ve extensively researched.


Overall Rating: 5/5

One of the few supplements we’ve ever reviewed to get a 5 out of 5 rating, TestoPrime has 12 ingredients scientifically proven to help build Testosterone. It can not only help you generate more total-T, but also retain Free Testosterone so you can build muscle and stay lean.

  • Highest dose of Vitamin D, a clear indicator of high-T.
  • Fenugreek for proven T-production and boosted metabolism.
  • Ashwagandha for mood, muscle-building, and yes, better Testosterone.


Overall Rating: 4.7/5

For the people who are looking for fast results in the gym, Testo-Max is the no-frills, muscle-gaining, fat-burning T-Booster many athletes are looking for.

  • Highest levels of D-Asp anywhere on the market.
  • ZincBoron, and Magnesium for the trifecta of T-Boosting minerals.
  • Safe and legal steroid alternative for high-performers

Prime Male

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

A well-rounded T-Booster with proven aromatase-blockers, so that you can keep all the Testosterone you produce. Perhaps the best version for people new to T-Boosters.

  • Luteolin helps keep your body from converting Testosterone to estrogen.
  • Nettle Leaf can not only help block estrogen production, but can also “free” existing Testosterone from being bound to red blood cells.
  • Also includes D-Asp and Ashwagandha for baseline T-Production.

Claims of Prime Test

It’s difficult to say exactly what Prime Test claims it will do for you, or anyone else for that matter. They use language like “optimize performance” without saying what that means. Is it more lean muscle? Better sexual function? Longer stamina during workouts? Hard to say. Especially when they say their ingredients are “associated” with “male performance.

This is typically where I would give you a breakdown of claims, but really Prime Test doesn’t make any. They say their product is “the perfect pairing to a workout or a night out,” but they don’t say why. I suppose that protects them from any accusations of false advertising, because their formula appears to be largely absent any effective ingredients. And what good ingredients they do have we can’t see the doses of. It’s entirely possible there are as little as a few milligrams of anything.


At least we have a dose for this ingredient. And there is a tenuous link between athletes with high calcium and higher T-levels. But the issue here is relativity. Put another way, a glass of milk has 283 mg of Calcium. Do you need a supplement to get what a couple glasses of milk or yogurt gives you?

Horny Goat weed

I’ve almost worn out my keyboard dispelling myths about T-production, and one of those myths is Horny Goat Weed. I’ve even found one study where it lowered T in lab animals. The one study we’ve found with some evidence used 50 to 200 mg per kg of body weight. Quick maths for you, that’s over 4,000 mg for a 180 lb. man. Way more than in this product. No secret then why top-rated product slike TestoPrime don’t include it in their formulas.

Tongkat Ali

This is another of the possibly effective herbs in Prime Test. Tongkat Ali can raise T-Levels. Two problems: we again don’t know how much is really in this Prime Test, and Tongkat cannot be sold in some European countries because of possible safety concerns. Two good reasons we don’t see it in our top T-Boosters.

Saw Palmetto

Results on Saw Palmetto have been mixed. In some studies, it helps, but in some studies Testosterone actually goes down with Palmetto use. Yet again, something we don’t see in our Top male supplements.

Orchic Substance

The biggest head scratcher of them all. First of all, I don’t like anything called a “substance” on my supplement label. Second, I don’t like that this one specifically is bull testicles. I have nothing against anyone’s dietary choices. I myself like to try exotic foods. But I firmly believe in transparency. And putting bovine glands in a supplement and not calling it that goes foul for me. Especially as there’s no proof that bull testicles do anything for male performance, testosterone, or anything else.

Wild Yam Root

I have hunted an scoured the databases for something about Wild Yam and testosterone. I’ve found two studies. One saw a rise in T-Production following a highly specific preparation, rats did indeed have more Testosterone; but this experiment was conducted on rats with intentionally damaged testes, which may not have a lot of bearing on normal healthy humans.

Sarsaparilla Root

Here we need to pay a bit of attention to the scientific name of the plant used. Prime Labs says they use Smilax galbra, which is used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. Some studies of Smilax calophylla have been studied for Testosterone effect. But no clinical trials I could find had done any work on this particular Sarsaparilla Root benefiting male health.

Nettle Root

With the next three ingredients, Prime Test finds itself back on good scientific footing. I’ve written previously about Nettle Leaf, and there is some of the same benefit to the Root of the plant to help prevent aromatase.


This essential mineral not only helps us break up Testosterone from binding into sex-hormone binding globulin, but it also helps us retain and use Vitamin D more effectively for our hormone health.


Here I’m giving Prime Test credit for something they may have done by accident. Magnesium isn’t even listed as an “active” ingredient on their label, even though Magnesium has demonstrated T-Boosting benefits in aging men.

Should You Try Prime Test

Prime Test seems geared toward people who want an aphrodisiac benefit rather than a true Testosterone boost. They don’t have ingredients like D-Asp or Ashwagandha that are in proven supplements like TestoPrime, and what they do include has questionable evidence, or no evidence, supporting it.

Top Alternatives


Overall Rating: 4.9/5

  • Highest dose of Vitamin D, a clear indicator of high-T.
  • Fenugreek for T-production and boosted metabolism.
  • Ashwagandha for mood, muscle-building and better Testosterone.


Overall Rating: 4.7/5

  • Highest levels of D-Aspartic anywhere on the market.
  • Zinc, Boron, and Magnesium for the trifecta of T-Boosting minerals.
  • Safe and legal steroid alternative for high-performers.

Prime Male

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

  • Luteolin prevents your body from turning Testosterone to estrogen.
  • Nettle Leaf can help block estrogen production.
  • Also includes D-Aspartic acid and Ashwagandha.

Final Verdict

In the end I think my responsibility as a fitness and health writer impels me to advise you to seek a male supplement elsewhere. It would take a large body of clinical evidence for me to support putting bull testicle extract into a supplement, not listing it clearly on a label, and selling it. Especially when there are so many other proven, transparent formulas on the market.

Get Top Testosterone Booster: TestoPrime

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars




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