Can Yerba Mate Help With Weight Loss?

The supplement industry is home to many concoctions, herbs, and spices that claim to get us to that fat-burning sweet spot that supports weight loss and our health simultaneously. Recently I've been hearing whispers about Yerba Mate, a South American herb rumored to have -

  • The potency of coffee
  • Health benefits of tea
  • The mood-boosting effects of chocolate

which together can help us get rid of excess weight. To find out if there is any truth to this, I looked to science to see if the hype behind the Yerba Mate weight loss claims is true.

key findings

  • Research shows Yerba Mate produces anti-inflammatory and protective effects on cells
    benefiting several aspects of health
  • Clinical trials prove that Yerba Mate consumption before exercise can improve fat metabolism, leading to weight loss
  • Studies show that Yerba Mate can improve physical and mental energy levels while triggering thermogenesis and curbing appetites-cravings—weight loss

Yerba Mate: The Low Down

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a South American herbal tea made from the Ilex paraguariensis plant. The brew is typically made by drying the stems and leaves of the plant over a fire and then soaking them in hot water to make a tea. While the brew is quite a popular way of consuming the plant, there are also more compact forms of Ilex paraguariensis plant, like capsules and powders.

Now, I've come across several widespread studies demonstrating Yerba's effects, with one investigation confirming that it can greatly benefit our health, producing anti-inflammatory and protective effects on cells, but where does the weight loss theory come from? 

Well, it all lies in several bioactive compounds (plant substances that can positively impact human health) that go beyond anti-inflammation and cell protection. One study investigating Yerba Mate's effect on fat loss found some interesting results.

The data showed that consuming Yerba Mate before exercise improves fat metabolism during light and moderate exercise, which simply means it helps the body burn more fat during exercise routines. This transforms it into a pre-workout aid that can help you reach your goals faster.

Yerba Mate and Its Potential Role in Weight Loss

After digging my heels into some research, I found that Yerba Mate can help with weight loss by:

Caffeine Boosts

Studies show that Yerba Mate contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, a gentle boost that can improve our physical and mental energy levels. This means you are more likely to follow through with diet and exercise regimens, supporting better weight loss outcomes. The stimulant effect also helps rev up metabolisms and encourages the body to use more calories for energy, leading to more fat loss and less fat storage.

The caffeine content in Yerba also benefits thermogenesis—participants in a study that involved a 3150 mg dose of Yerba Mate daily found that consumption can increase your body temperature just enough to reach a thermogenic state, making mild fat loss possible. While it won't have you melting away pounds like an ice cube on a summer's day, this mild thermogenic effect could translate into a few extra calories burned.

Taming Appetites

Curbing appetites and cravings is a traditional approach to weight loss that never fails. Data from a study investigating the effects of Yerba Mate consumption paired with other fat-loss ingredients found that the herbal elixir helped curb appetites, create feelings of fullness, improve moods, focus, and energy without inducing any serious side effects. This means it can help you consume fewer calories contributing to fat loss and weight maintenance.

Dosage & Side Effects

The studies, trials, and scientific data I mentioned above involved only short-term use of Yerba Mate with doses ranging from 1000-3200mg daily. This matches up with research that shows that the most effective doses of Yerba are 3 cups (330mL each), 1.5 liters, or 1000-3200mg (depending on the form)  daily for 60-90 days on average. 

This dose range did not cause any serious side effects and produced effects that slightly improved weight loss. This means that Yerba Mate is safe for consumption, but using it alone in hopes of achieving significant fat loss wouldn't work. Instead, it can be used with a beneficial diet-exercise plan for weight management.

The Final Word

Weight loss can be hard, so if there's a worthy helping hand that's safe and effective, it's definitely worth a try. When it comes to Yerba Mate, I've looked at several studies and trials that give it the green light on safety for short-term use only. The potential benefits of Yerba Mate on weight loss and overall health is certainly promising, with evidence pointing in the right direction, but remember, it's not a magic spell that can counteract a poor diet or inactive lifestyle, so best to team up use with a balanced diet and regular exercise for noticeable results.

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