PhenQ Vs Ozempic for Weight Loss 2024 | Do They Work & Which is SAFE?

I’m sure you’ve already seen the headlines, seen the stories on social media, or even heard about it from a friend: thousands of people are using Diabetes medications for weight loss. So many, in fact, that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a version of Ozempic as a prescription weight loss supplement.

But a lot of people still have questions. Is Ozempic safe? And how does it even work? And finally, how does it stack up to Weight Loss Supplements already on the market? Well, we have answers to all of that and more. So let’s dive in.

Features of PhenQ and Ozempic

We picked PhenQ to go head-to-head against Ozempic because PhenQ has the most scientifically robust formula of any fat-burner on the market. If Ozempic is really effective, it should have to prove it against the best.

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

  • Contains the revolutionary ingredient α-Lacys Reset, a natural fat burner.
  • Two forms of proven thermogenic compounds for faster fat loss.
  • Has an active, natural, safe appetite suppressant.
  • Works on three levels to help lose weight.
  • No known side effects.


Overall Rating: 3.5/5

  • Operates on a single ingredient, a synthetic drug called Semaglutide.
  • Ozempic (and its other clone drugs) contains no other weight loss ingredients.
  • Has 5 known side effects considered “common.”
  • Ozempic also has 8 serious side effects, including some organ failure and cancers.

What is PhenQ?

As we alluded to, PhenQ is a balanced and total weight loss supplement. It works first by regulating our metabolism with α-Lacys Reset, a naturally occurring compound also known as Alpha-Lipoic Acid. The next two actions of PhenQ include thermogenesis and controlling appetite. Plus, PhenQ has mood-boosters that help keep emotional eating in check, so it works as an all-rounder in a weight loss journey.


  • Safe for short-term and long-term use.
  • Works with your body using natural ingredients.
  • Available without a prescription.
  • Costs less than $1.50 per day.


  • Some people report 60 days for full effects.
  • Contains caffeine.

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a synthetic compound that reacts with something called the GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1). Peptides are short chains of amino acids, not long enough to be full proteins. When Semaglutide reacts with our GLP-1, it stimulates our bodies to produce more insulin, thus its prescription as a Diabetes drug for almost two decades.

In recent years it’s also been used as a weight loss drug, especially for diabetics or the very obese.


  • Works best as a drug to reduce blood sugar.
  • In higher doses, it can also suppress appetite.
  • Very obese (BMI of 30+) populations do see tremendous weight loss.


  • Only available with a prescription.
  • Without insurance, it can cost nearly $1,000 a month.
  • Recommended only for people with Diabetes.
  • Not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • A very long list of side effects.

Key Differences

If I had to boil down all the differences between PhenQ and Ozempic to one main point, I’d say it’s that PhenQ is more safe. That isn’t to say that Ozempic is dangerous, only that it carries far more regulation–for a reason. Typically speaking, when something is safe enough the US FDA will clear it for over-the-counter use (think Tylenol or Advil). 

Both of these are highly effective for weight loss, but only PhenQ is available to anyone and everyone, and doesn’t have a history of dangerous side effects. For example, Ozempic has been linked to cancer risks that PhenQ has never even been suspected of. And that’s not to mention that you need a prescription for Ozempic, a barrier many of us can’t overcome. And once you do, it can run over $800 a month.

Key Ingredients


I’ll hit the highlights of its three levels of action, but if you want the full breakdown of PhenQ, read our entire review here.

Metabolism of the Cells

The first and most important ingredient in PhenQ is α-Lacys Reset, a patented form of Alpha-Lipoic Acid that has been extensively proven to lead to fat loss. That’s right–not just weight loss, but actual reductions in body fat. It does this by helping the mitochondria (battery packs) of our cells literally burn more energy.


Many of my readers have already seen my article on Thermogenesis, and the ingredients proven to produce results. Two of them are in PhenQ–Caffeine and Capsaicin.

Appetite Suppression

Prescription appetite suppressants are dangerous and highly addictive–many of them are simply prescription amphetamines. Instead, PhenQ uses an all natural fiber from the Nopal cactus to help you feel more full, for longer. Meaning it doesn’t mess with your brain chemistry, it simply works with your gut for a more safe effect.


Ozempic only has one ingredient. And while Semaglutide has many uses, it also works because it’s a synthetic agonist. That is to say it artificially sends signals to our brains and hormone receptors.

Side Effects

While PhenQ has no known side effects, the side effects page for Ozempic is longer than this whole article. The risks include cancer, loss of vision, kidney failure, and gallbladder issues.


If you’re taking Ozempic or any other Semaglutide for diabetes, do not stop taking it. And remember, PhenQ is not a diabetes medication. But if you’re considering taking either of them for weight loss, I encourage you to try PhenQ. Not only is it safe, but you don’t need a prescription for it. It’s much more affordable, and even comes with a money back guarantee. Good luck getting that with a prescription medication.

In all cases, remember that diet and proper exercise are equal parts of the equation. But above all else, stay healthy and stay safe.

Editor's Choice: PhenQ

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars




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