Testoprime vs Prime Male | Side By Side Comparison 2024

The testosterone booster market has come leaps and bounds since the days of anabolic steroids with new and improved natural and safe formulas. Products like TestoPrime and Prime Male are natural testosterone boosters that can boost testosterone levels while providing many other benefits. 

But which one is better? Below we look at these two products in detail to see which one is the prime choice:

What Class of Supplements Are TestoPrime and Prime Male? 

The FDA regulates all supplements as food, not as drugs. However, they are still divided into different categories. The top 4 categories are: 

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Specialty supplements
  • Herbals and botanicals
  • Sports nutrition and weight management

Each of these classes corrects and manages specific ailments, like deficiencies. While most supplements often belong to one class, TestoPrime and Prime Male have an extensive benefits list with an even more expansive ingredient list. The ingredient list points to the direction of the vitamins and minerals, herbals, and botanicals class. On the other hand, their widespread benefits and effect on several body processes put them in the sports nutrition and weight management class. But we decided to narrow down on its primary use: testosterone elevation. If we had to class the supplement on this use, it firmly stands in the specialty supplements class. This is because it can restore testosterone levels while reversing the issues that may have been caused by low testosterone. 

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

  • Made with 12 natural ingredients
  • Increases physical and mental performance.
  • Overwhelming amount of positive reviews

 Prime Male

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

  • Enhances energy and libido
  • Aids lean muscle mass
  • May help burn body fat

My Video Breakdown of TestoPrime vs Prime Male

Comparing The Ingredients

Ingredients are the main component of any formula. Let's look at the ingredient lists that fuel the effects and benefits of TestoPrime and Prime Male. 

Common Ingredients

Common ingredients are ingredients that overlap between two formulas. These ingredients are most often the best at carrying out specific functions, so most supplement manufacturers decide to use them. Below we list the common ingredients in the TestoPrime and Prime Male formulas with their function and doses: 

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is rich in antioxidants and boosts libido and energy levels. It also reverses low testosterone symptoms that deal with sexual functions, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The ingredient lowers stress and anxiety levels as well


Prime Male



D-Aspartic Acid 

This natural amino acid regulates and promotes testosterone production, supporting muscle growth and enhancing endurance and strength. The ingredient also stimulates the luteinizing hormone, further supporting better testosterone levels. It has the ability to improve sperm quality, dopamine production and reduce estrogen. 


Prime Male




This extract encourages testosterone synthesis, promotes better metabolic rates and brain function. It also improves endurance, muscle mass, and strength. In addition, it enhances male sexual function and sperm mobility.


Prime Male



Black Pepper

This ingredient supports Leydig cell development, thus boosting testosterone production. It also reduces the chance of insulin resistance, inflammation and improves fatty liver disease. In addition, it helps the body absorb other ingredients in the supplement's formula.


Prime Male




Zinc is an important nutrient that helps stabilize the body's energy levels. It also improves immune system function.  


Prime Male



Vitamin D

In an active form, this vitamin is considered a steroid hormone that encourages testosterone production and improves sexual function in males. 


Prime Male


(25.58 mcg)

4000 IU

(100 mcg)

Vitamin B6

This vitamin supports better testosterone levels by reducing the brain's impulse to increase estrogen levels. 


Prime Male




Pomegranate extract 

Ellagic acid, a component in pomegranate, promotes better blood circulation and cell health. It also improves male fertility and libidos while reducing the effects of stress.

Garlic extract 

Garlic extract supports weight loss, regulates blood pressure, and lowers risks of cardiovascular issues. It also reduces inflammation, stress and supports better hormonal health.

Green tea extract

Green tea extract contains large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce general cell damage, boost metabolism, and support weight loss. It also lowers blood pressure and improves heart health.


Fenugreek boosts testosterone production, controls blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, and reduces appetites—weight loss. The ingredient also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. 

Vitamin B5

High amounts of vitamin B5 increase testosterone levels.

Prime Male


Luteolin blocks the creation of estrogen, increasing testosterone in the body. It also supports better sexual functionality and supports better muscle building. 


This mineral helps the body use vitamin D and testosterone more effectively. It also reduces inflammation and assists with the absorption of magnesium.

Nettle Root

Nettle root stops testosterone from transforming into estrogen by reducing sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels. This increases testosterone levels. 

Magnesium-Magnesium increases the body's free and total testosterone volumes by limiting the presence of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). It also helps with muscle relaxation and recovery. 

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 boosts testosterone levels when it is paired with D3. It also boosts the volume of free testosterone levels and increases total testosterone.

This is quite a long list of common ingredients and an excellent choice of unique components on both ends. But this doesn't mean that the two products are equivalent in potency or that their abilities are the same. Each ingredient on the lists above is present in different doses. After comparing the doses on the common ingredient list, we found that TestoPrime leads with higher doses of Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and Zinc. While Prime Male has higher amounts of Black pepper, Vitamin B6, and D. Considering the function of each ingredient, we find that TestoPrime has a higher volume of a more beneficial set of ingredients. So, when it comes to overall potency in respect of common ingredients, TestoPrime is the better option. Regarding the unique ingredients, we found again that the ingredients in TestoPrime supported a wider range of benefits compared to Prime Male, which focused on testosterone boosting. 

Side Effects And Counter indications

When using natural supplements such as TestoPrime and Prime Male, side effects and contraindications are rare however, they must still be acknowledged. 

Below we note the possible side effects and contraindications linked to the use of each product:


TestoPrime side effects are mild and shortlived and often only occur at the beginning of treatment use. The side effects include gas, diarrhea, dizziness, hyperactivity, digestive distress, and nausea. These side effects typically disappear on their own and don't require medical intervention or motivate supplement discontinuation. 

Contraindications are minimal and dictate that those under 18 or those without low testosterone symptoms should not take the supplement. Individuals with severe testosterone decline should avoid use, especially if the decline has caused the development of other medical issues. Women should also avoid TestoPrime use.

Prime Male

Like TestoPrime, the possible side effects of Prime Male use have a mild disposition and don't last very long. It commonly occurs while the body is becoming familiar with the supplement's effects and doesn't lead users to discontinuation. The side effects include mood swings, headaches, stomach aches, and diarrhea. 

Regarding contraindications, we found that women and those under 18 should not use the product. Prime Male contains a large volume of amino acids, meaning those with kidney problems can also react negatively to use. The formula also contains a high volume of ashwagandha, which stops those with severe blood sugar and pressure problems from using the product. Males with prior medical concerns should not use the product without consulting a medical professional.

After analyzing the possible side effects and restrictions above, we find that TestoPrime is slightly more safe, tolerable and flexible. The large ingredient doses in Prime Male mean that a wide range of users cannot use the supplement. These doses open up a higher chance of side effects as well. So, if you have a sensitive system or underlying issues, Prime Male is not the choice for you. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide us with evidence of how supplements work in real-world settings. They showcase supplements' abilities and tell us if the brand lives up to their claims. Let us look at an overview of TestoPrime and Prime Male reviews:


TestoPrime holds an excellent customer review status, with most customers giving the product 4-5 stars. We found a very small portion of users scores the supplement lower. The motivation behind the lower star review is solely based on personal preference or issues, so there's no flaw in the supplement. The overall consensus from the customer base is that the product does indeed live up to its claims. Most reviews mention its innate ability to elevate testosterone levels in short timeframes, while others point to its ability to completely reverse low testosterone symptoms, especially those that deal with low libidos, slow muscle growth, diminished strength, and energy levels. 

prime male

Prime Male has a lot of positive customer reviews behind it, which is probably one of the main reasons why the supplement is gaining widespread attention. Prime Male is rated 4-4.5 stars, with most users mentioning the benefits that join potent testosterone-boosting effects. Many customers mention that the supplement has the ability to increase energy and libido levels almost instantaneously, which we think is quite beneficial, especially in situations where low testosterone levels wreaked havoc on these aspects of life. The product claims to influence the luteinizing hormone and estrogen to support rapid testosterone elevation, and reviews confirm this claim as rapid results were recorded in reviews. 

Customer reviews for both products are very positive. The claims made by TestoPrime and Prime Male were confirmed through use, which has earned both products a large customer following. However, TestoPrime comes in with a better star rating. After analyzing reviews, we found that the higher star rating was attributed to the product's pooled safety, efficacy, and benefits, which make the product more well-balanced.

The Final Verdict: Brand That's Better 

Although the concept of testosterone boosting is quite simple, and the supplements created to carry out this function all seem the same, they are not. After looking closely at TestoPrime and Prime Male, we found that the supplements differ slightly with auxiliary benefits and potency. TestoPrime's ingredient list is aimed at testosterone elevation and solving issues caused by low testosterone levels. While Prime Male claims to do the same, its ingredient list doesn't fully support this. Prime Male's effects are very specific to testosterone support—maximum testosterone elevation, and it effectively does this, but TestoPrime does that and more. So, in terms of overall efficacy and safety, TestoPrime is the ideal choice.

Editor's Choice: TestoPrime

Overall Rating: 
4.9/5 stars




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